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Ironmaster Ad campaign and Contest

Ironmaster Ad campaign and Contest We launched an online contest campaign for health and fitness company, IronMaster that leveraged data tracking for a series of strategically placed ads. We designed a series of ads that ran every month in big-industry magazines and included URL links that were set up to monitor user data and track analytics. The contest incentivized user visits to designated campaign landing pages where Ironmaster was able to track customer leads and gather new customer information. The campaign utilized a strategic sequence of print and digital ad placements as well as interactive landing pages to generate consumer interest in products. As a result, Ironmaster was able to generate more leads per campaign from one ad campaign than the entire previous year’s [...]

Ironmaster Ad campaign and Contest2020-07-13T16:13:59-07:00

Hamilton pH Video

Streamlining Training with Animated Videos We produced a training video for Hamilton personnel that would minimize repetitive, costly and time-consuming in-person training. The educational material for Hamilton pH sensors was simplified into a series of sequential steps, story boarded, and then animated to create a more captivating delivery of pH measurement and sensor use. By using bold graphic icons, consistent visuals and fluid narration throughout the animation, the content could be presented clearly and quickly to any audience. The video set a conceptual precedence for content delivery, turning hours of training efforts into minutes. This project required: Creative Concepting Custom 2D Illustrations Storyboarding Motion Graphics Direction Voice Actor Procurement & [...]

Hamilton pH Video2020-07-13T17:45:01-07:00

IDEX Health & Science IDEX Health & Science 3D imagery

IDEX Health & Science 3D imagery IDEX Health & Science, a life science company that specializes in fluidics components and engineering solutions, has over 3,000 products available for sale through their e-commerce website. We were able to leverage existing SolidWorks engineering drawings to compile a comprehensive library of 3-dimensional images, utilizing the contents of their image library to output 74,000 individual renderings — 30 of each product — to create 360° product views for each product on their website and touch screen kiosk. This project required: Product Innovation Creative Concepting Photo-realistic 3D Motion Graphics

IDEX Health & Science IDEX Health & Science 3D imagery2020-08-26T14:45:12-07:00

IDEX Health & Science Touch Screen Kiosk

Groundbreaking Product Interface for IDEX Health & Science The new touch-screen kiosks for IDEX Health & Science showcase interactive, 3D on-screen product models that can be interactively viewed at trade shows and corporate presentations. This new method for displaying entire product offerings has set the standard for B2B presentation. What used to require cumbersome sets of products to be lugged around for in-show display can now be streamlined for convenience and portability. The kiosk features interactive touchscreen capabilities, robust product filtering, and specs for over 3,000 intricate fludics components. The kiosks can also act as a built-in lead form for literature and follow-up requests and can be used in tablet form as an interactive sales tool. Overall, the IDEX Health & [...]

IDEX Health & Science Touch Screen Kiosk2020-07-13T16:17:58-07:00

IDEX Health & Science Brand Guidelines

Evolving a Global Health & Science Brand The IDEX Health & Science Brand Guidelines were one part of a significant rebrand project that unified many sub products and companies under one life science brand. IDEX Health & Science aimed to provide a consistent framework of standards for all of their marketing materials and products. We took their guideline’s scope to the next level, developing working models for their PR voice, digital advertising, messaging, and product positioning. We also delivered a robust infrastructure of graphics, imagery, layout templates, and guides for environment branding that over time, has reinforced IH&S brand presence, built loyalty with both current and potential clients, and contributed to company profitability. This project required: Brand Development Specification and Guidelines [...]

IDEX Health & Science Brand Guidelines2020-08-26T14:28:58-07:00

IDEX Health & Science Brand Launch Package

Unifying a Master Brand in the Life Science Industry In response to a growing need for brand unification and differentiation, we partnered with IDEX Health & Science to develop a global marketing plan and launch strategy that would appropriate 7 fragmented sub-brands under one master brand. To launch this marketing plan, we produced a packet of branded materials that outlined their new marketing goals, introduced the IDEX Health & Science Brand Promise, and gave personnel a look into new collateral that would successfully launch the IDEX Health & Science brand. We loaded a USB drive with practical tools (such as PowerPoint presentation, email signature, voicemail greeting, and letterhead) that could be used to immediately reinforce the new brand visuals. This strategic launch brought [...]

IDEX Health & Science Brand Launch Package2020-07-13T17:42:13-07:00

King County Library Reading App

King County Library Reading App We partnered with the King County Library to uniquely market their ‘Take Time to Read’ program. V2Works developed a convenient mobile app that allowed users to track cumulative reading time, locate libraries and reading centers, compare stats to other user profiles, and post results, goals, and personal achievements to social media. This project required: UI/UX Design and Planning Guidelines for Interactive Scope Design & Layout Custom Illustrations UI Development

King County Library Reading App2020-07-13T16:12:44-07:00

Majestic Connecting Customer to Company with a Bold Catalog Design

Connecting Customer to Company with a Bold Catalog Design Our catalog design for safety clothier Majestic shows how print catalogs take you beyond cool layouts to connect customers with relevant products and real experiences. In a digital age where users find products by their key words and click through paths, clear navigation in print catalogs is more essential than ever. Not only were we able to distill an entire clothing line into a 152 page print catalog, but we also worked to sync content, visuals and the catalog’s navigational system with e-commerce order forms, ads and landing pages. This catalog design was a crowning element to a functional product ordering system that bridged print navigation seamlessly into a digital platform. This project required: [...]

Majestic Connecting Customer to Company with a Bold Catalog Design2020-07-13T16:08:53-07:00

Majestic BlazeTex Campaign

Standout Advertising for Majestic USA Majestic Glove ran a half page ad in Business and Industry Connection (BIC) Magazine that featured BlazeTex, a line of their flame retardant clothing. In a magazine where every ad was muddled by over-accommodated content, Majestic was looking to create a system that not only challenged conventional visuals, but also carried a relevant benefit that would directly appeal to magazine’s readership. We paired current brand elements with original, heroic photography that would make the subject clothing items stand out. The end result was a high-contrast, eye-catching ad that distilled its message down to relevant imagery and captivating messaging. The call to action on the ad led to a campaign-custom landing page that not only documented the success of the [...]

Majestic BlazeTex Campaign2020-10-23T15:40:51-07:00

DirtFish Women & Children Apparel

DirtFish Women & Children Apparel In conjunction with the DirtFish rebrand, V2Works was asked to create a series of unique women and children t-shirt designs, to be used as promotional material as well as for selling through their website. Using the grungy feel of the DirtFish brand, many styles were created to appeal to the energetic and thrill-seeking target audience. View More DirtFish Merch: DirtFish Shirt Designs DirtFish Merchandise Designs This project required: Design Layout Creative

DirtFish Women & Children Apparel2020-07-16T14:34:16-07:00
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