Wacky Days

4th Annual Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest and Halloween Festivities

It was another spook-tacular Halloween here at V2Works. We started the week off with a friendly pumpkin decorating contest. You could tell the artistic juices were flowing with entires ranging from a sugar skull to the “happy chocolate swirl" (poop) emoji. On Halloween morning, laughter ensued as each person walked into work, each costume better than the last. Our Senior Art Director, Brandee, came as Negan from Walking Dead, which was the biggest hit (maybe because of the beard she had drawn on). Our Project Manager, David, came as a vampire and stayed in character all day long giving us a great laugh. As a team, we skipped out early and hit the movie theater to see “Happy Death Day” which turned out to be a pretty good movie, [...]

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3rd Annual Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest

The only rule for our pumpkin decorating contest is that it must include one of the company-supplied mini-pumpkins or gourds. Other than that simple rule, creativity can run amuck! The Brandgineers at V2Works continued to push the boundaries in our 3rd Annual Halloween contest – running the gamut from the spooky to the music-oriented to a set of wheels and to the political (which actually brought us full-circle back to spooky!) No doubt some of us are already pondering how to top ourselves next year!

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Beard Day at the Office

Today was "Beard" Day at the office. We've all been planing and growing — for what seems like ages — to have perfectly groomed (and matching) beards for this very special day. Or, maybe this is just what happens when you have too much fun with your co-workers during Friday Lunch outings that include creative Apps to play with.  Either way, long live the beard. #V2WackyDay #V2WorksPerks

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The Perks of a Power Outage

On Tuesday, November 17th the Pacific Northwest experienced the second major storm in a matter of months, wreaking havoc around the Seattle area and beyond. Winds, which were clocked well over 100 miles per hour, plus heavy rains (and reports of pea-sized hail) caused extensive damage, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people. The power at V2Works was no exception, but one of the perks of being a team full of creatives, is that we're always up for some amusement. Even if that means trekking through the wind and rain — and snail-paced TRAFFIC — for a chilly, dripping-wet adventure. The first day of our power-outage found a group of us at the new McMenamins Anderson School, down the road in Bothell, where we savored one of the only delicacies [...]

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2nd Annual Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Since last year's pumpkin decorating contest was such a hit, we decided to repeat the pumpkin fun for everyone and make it an annual event. This year, it was a race to the conference room for each Brandgineer to chose the perfect mini-pumpkin from an assortment that varied in size, form, and color. Whether inspiration came from their own cleverness, or they received artistic messages from frightful spirits of regions beyond, creativity ran rampant. Happy Halloween from the V2 team!

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Halloween at V2Works

This month, the V2Works Brandgineering team had a little fun with Halloween. Some entered their mini pumpkins for an internal decorating contest and some dressed up for the big day. All in all, a lot of good amusement at the office. Good thing our conference room has a secret stash of candy to make for easy trick-or-treating (all days of the year).

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A V2Works Cookie Exchange, with Recipes!

Who doesn’t love a good cookie exchange? You make one type of cookie, and magically walk away with an awesome assortment of baked goodies! The annual V2Works Cookie Extravaganza Bonanza was a big hit this year, bringing out the inner baking masters in us all. Sure, there may have been one minor kitchen disaster involving defrosting butter in a hot oven, forgetting about it, and discovering a giant pool of rapidly browning butter pouring from the wrapper onto the oven floor… but that’s beside the point. When all was said and done, we arrived with a beautiful assortment of cookies to taste and trade. Give these recipes a try in your own kitchen, just don’t forget about the butter. Chocolate Cherry Almond Biscotti (via Paprika Red) 1 1/4 sticks of [...]

A V2Works Cookie Exchange, with Recipes!2020-10-23T15:33:49-07:00

The Simpler the Brand, the Sweeter the Victory

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