Getting to Know the VAH Company Culture Better

Company culture goes beyond the norms and rules defined by management. It is reflected by the values, standards, and myths that all company members share and experience on a daily basis. VAH is in the process of re-branding, and we'd like your candid input about our company culture to help us understand how we are perceived internally and externally.

Please answer the following questions as openly and honestly as possible:

SECTION 1: Brand Perception

The following questions will help give us valuable insight into our brand.

What did you hear, research, or know from experience?
List any reasons, circumstances, perks, etc., that apply.
Think about the atmosphere at the office and how it makes you feel.
Please use as descriptive words as possible.
Please describe using your own words.
Include your perception as well as word-of-mouth examples.
Keep as short and simple as possible.

SECTION 2: Commitment & Support

The following questions give us a better picture of your positive state-of-mind as it relates to our culture right now.

Keep in reference to your tasks, responsibilities.
Describe what motivates you to perform your best.
Describe what makes you feel the most grateful to be here.
What part of the company or job drives you?

SECTION 3: Analyzing Our Company Culture

The following questions give us a better picture of what's going on with the company culture right now.

A rating of 1 denotes very poor quality, going up to 10 as exceptionally high quality.
Choose and elaborate only on the most important one to you.
Describe as best you can, why these value(s) do not align.
Culture defines the shared beliefs, values, etc., that shape behavior, perceptions, and understanding.
How do you rate your work-life balance? *
A rating of 1 denotes very low, going up to 10 as very high work-life balance.
The reason could relate to work, a desire for change, personal or family reasons, etc.
Indicate how you know you are appreciated.
If you had the opportunity, would you apply for your current job again today? *
Do you see yourself still working for this company in one year? *

SECTION 4: Building Our Team & Culture

The following questions give insight into how our culture impacts our company.

Do managers lead by example? Do they delegate efficiently? Is there a positive dynamic between leaders and teams?
Provide example(s) from any other person at the company, from any team.
Please keep related to the company, not your duties or personnel.
Would you recommend working for this company to another person? *
Pinpoint the behaviors that are aligned with the values you cherish.

Thank you for completing the survey. Just one last question before you submit...

How long have you been at the company? *
Thank you for taking the time to complete this brand and culture survey. We are very appreciative of the time you have taken to assist us in our evaluation of the company brand.
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