Project Description

Biosero Rebrand

Biosero’s brand was in need of a makeover after a recent acquisition. They turned to V2Works to turn up the intensity of their brand with an entirely new visual identity.


Automating the laboratory is big business. But, most companies assume that automated hardware is all that’s needed. Enter Biosero, which creates innovative software solutions to integrate end-to-end workflows and multiply productivity in the lab for automation. Biosero is a fantastic company with loyal customers that was buried under an out-of-date brand. In addition, Biosero had been recently acquired by BICO, a bio convergency company that had its own set of brand rules to follow. This takeover meant their well-known brand had to completely change to fit within BICO’s standards, but how they addressed their customers couldn’t change. They turned to V2Works to change all that, and swiftly.


To position Biosero as a BICO company while still allowing them to keep their own identity, the V2Works Brandgineers set out to create a modern, dynamic brand that would showcase their new status while continuing to reflect their core values and mission. To do that, we worked closely with the Biosero team to reposition their visual identity around the idea of high-tech software that brings the customer’s automation vision to life, for life. This compelling vision, along with the foundation of BICO elements, helped inspire a compelling visual story that is a true reflection of what customers love about the company: fun, flexible, valuable, and integration-friendly. Using stylized helix shapes to represent life and technology gave the brand a well-ordered system to tie graphical elements together. Pops of bright colors on a deep background highlight the software in a new and exciting way.


The result was a strong, clear, on-strategy, and super-flexible brand, set to use across all their different media channels and applications. By marrying elements from the BICO brand with alternate shapes and a new color scheme, it set Biosero’s brand as a secret weapon for laboratories within winner-takes-all markets. With their new visual identity, we finalized logos, fonts, color palette, and photo treatments, all captured in a crisp, clear guideline book. The visual story became the basis for a global campaign, set to create a strong information architecture across their collateral, website, social media presence, videos, and more. With this comprehensive re-branding project, Biosero is able to take the market from exclusively technical conversations to customer experience conversations. The flexible brand allowed them to pivot directly into a cohesive story for a powerful software business. Not only did V2Works change their entire brand and visual identity in less than two months, we created a structure for great customer interaction and easy transition across all media outlets as they switch. The new brand story is fantastic and it was great to partner with them to deploy the new brand at rapid scale.

Project Requirements


Creative Concepting
Brand Development
Color Development
Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Visual Positioning
Design & Layout
Identity Package
Brochure Design
Data Sheet Design
Case Study Design
Tradeshow Booth Design
Social Media Templates
Promotional Merch Design

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I worked with V2Works on a major rebrand for my organization, and the results speak for themselves. Every person in my organization is excited about the direction we are going. Customers are responding positively to our new look and feel. We now have a cohesive design to roll out across our entire organization, so that we are always sending a consistent message about who we are and what we do. I gave V2Works everything I could about our previous brand, our current brand, and our market, and they took us in a new direction that captured the essence of what we were trying to convey. I couldn’t be more satisfied with our work together!

Hayley Dyer, Biosero, Inc.

“V2Works exceeded our expectations at each step. Not only did they stay on the agreed project timeline, but they also stayed within budget. We simply could not be happier with the end result.”

Timothy O'Hara, Altavair Air Finance

“V2Works is an essential part of our marketing team. They are lightening fast, easy to work with, great at helping you hone your message, and the best graphic designers I have ever worked with.”

Mark Kincy, IDEX Health & Science

“We needed a creative design firm that would listen to our ideas to help turn things around. V2Works has helped us to create a more professional image and modern identity. In the last 4 years we have almost tripled our business.”

Matt Dawson, Ironmaster

“When it comes to advertising budgets you will eventually have to talk about ROI. V2Works takes the time to learn about our business and together we get a lot more done for the money.”

Alan Schell, Upchurch Scientific



All kidding aside, we’re really dedicated to solving business challenges and Brandgineering perpetual value for our clients. We’re more than a branding agency, we’re your partner.