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ClickBio Brand

V2Works spearheaded an impactful rebranding project for ClickBio, a high-tech company in the life science industry, aiming to expand its customer base. The result? Increased engagement, positive feedback, and a growing customer base.


V2Works spearheaded an impactful rebranding project for ClickBio – a high-tech company in the life science industry specializing in the design and build of mission-critical laboratory tools – seeking to expand its customer base. Recognizing ClickBio’s need for a contemporary look to captivate a new audience, V2Works leveraged a forward-thinking approach, rising to the challenge armed with extensive knowledge and experience to provide strategic recommendations for a comprehensive brand overhaul. V2Works’ team of Brandgineers embarked on a mission to create a captivating new visual identity that would draw the attention of current customers while freshly engaging a new audience. Drawing on a wealth of life science industry expertise, the team navigated the intricacies of the rebranding process, delivering strategic recommendations that formed the foundation of the modernization.


With a keen understanding of the client’s aspirations, V2Works embarked on a meticulous exploration of ClickBio’s essence. The team understood the significance of projecting competence and professionalism, particularly in the context of the life science market in which the client operates. Leveraging V2Works’ deep reservoir of trade insights, the team analyzed the client’s target audience, competitors, and industry landscape to gain information and guide ClickBio’s transformative journey. The Brandgineers crafted a brand identity that would resonate with the desired audience and elevate the client’s position. Recognizing the importance of visual storytelling, V2Works honed in on a monogram as a central element of the brand identity, ensuring it clicked together seamlessly. The ClickBio monogram represented the client’s click-together patented products while conveying trust, innovation, and a modern sense.

V2Works’ expertise extended beyond creating a striking logo with a holistic approach encompassing a comprehensive identity system. The ClickBio visual identity incorporated vibrant greens and carefully curated colors to project a modern, technologically-advanced image. Attention was given to every touchpoint, including business collateral, merchandise, trade show booths, signage, and a revamped website, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand experience.

Project Requirements


Brand Strategy
Brand Development
Color Development


Brand Identity & Logotype
Brand Guidelines
Identity System Design
Merchandise Design
Design & Layout
Web Interface Design
User Experience & Interaction


New Website Design
CSS Development
Campaign Development
Tradeshow Design

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VThe successful collaboration between V2Works and ClickBio resulted in a remarkable brand transformation that positioned the client as a competent and professional entity in the life sciences market. Following the rebranding, notable positive changes and feedback were observed from both ClickBio and its audience. The owners and employees expressed a high level of satisfaction, recognizing the effectiveness of the new brand identity in capturing attention and generating enthusiasm. ClickBio’s newfound confidence in its refreshed brand translated into a renewed drive to promote its products effectively. Externally, the target audience responded positively to the revitalized brand. The modern and fresh look of the brand, along with its refined visual identity, significantly enhanced the overall perception of its offerings and generated increased interest, resulting in heightened engagement and a growing customer base. By effectively capturing the attention and trust of its target audience, ClickBio’s rebranding initiative laid a strong foundation for its continued success in the dynamic and competitive marketplace. V2Works’s strategic recommendations and meticulous execution breathed new life into ClickBio’s brand, paving the way for enhanced market presence, future growth, and success in capturing a broader audience.


I worked with V2Works on a major rebrand for my organization, and the results speak for themselves. Every person in my organization is excited about the direction we are going. Customers are responding positively to our new look and feel. We now have a cohesive design to roll out across our entire organization, so that we are always sending a consistent message about who we are and what we do. I gave V2Works everything I could about our previous brand, our current brand, and our market, and they took us in a new direction that captured the essence of what we were trying to convey. I couldn’t be more satisfied with our work together!

Hayley Dyer, Biosero, Inc.

“V2Works exceeded our expectations at each step. Not only did they stay on the agreed project timeline, but they also stayed within budget. We simply could not be happier with the end result.”

Timothy O'Hara, Altavair Air Finance

“V2Works is an essential part of our marketing team. They are lightening fast, easy to work with, great at helping you hone your message, and the best graphic designers I have ever worked with.”

Mark Kincy, IDEX Health & Science

“We needed a creative design firm that would listen to our ideas to help turn things around. V2Works has helped us to create a more professional image and modern identity. In the last 4 years we have almost tripled our business.”

Matt Dawson, Ironmaster

“When it comes to advertising budgets you will eventually have to talk about ROI. V2Works takes the time to learn about our business and together we get a lot more done for the money.”

Alan Schell, Upchurch Scientific



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