Project Description

IDEX Health & Science – Tridex Product Launch

V2works partnered with IDEX Health & Science to create a visually engaging brand and marketing platform to grow awareness of their new protein analyzer for bioprocessing.


When ready to launch their first compact, purpose-build system, IDEX Health & Science teamed with V2Works to create a new brand and messaging strategy aimed at the bioprocessing industry. Even though the client was long-established in the market, because they had only dealt in component-level offerings in the past, we needed to make use of their trusted reputation while calling attention to their newly expanded system-level offerings.


To get started, our team partnered closely with the client to take a deep-dive into the product’s offerings, its target audience, positioning, and primary messaging to develop a comprehensive go-to-market product launch campaign. To streamline the process, we helped develop a multi-faceted planning process that allowed us to utilize multiple marketing outlets and coordinate campaign elements along the way.

The complex product launch included the following:

Project Requirements


Brand & Campaign Development
Naming & Tagline Creation


Copy Writing
Design & Layout
UI Development


eBlast Design & Production
Video Production

Product Identity

The first step was to give the new product an identity — a name, logo, and descriptor — that would catch the attention of potential customers. After multiple rounds of research, we settled on Tridex™ Protein Analyzer, followed by the creation of a new logotype (with a colorful logomark which resembles a titer), as well as a descriptor, “Real-Time Protein Titer Measurement for Bioprocessing.”


From our research exercises, V2Works identified insights, challenges, and opportunities for the product, including the core strengths and competitive advantages, helping to create new messaging that reflected the key differentiators when positioning it against competitors in the market.

New Website Section

We helped the client develop a new section on their website, dedicated to the new Tridex launch. The multi-page section highlighted the primary features and benefits of Tridex, giving customers a way to learn about the technology, download literature, find upcoming events, as well as order an instrument for themselves. With this new technology, our team also wanted customers to be able to have their questions answered easily, and/or schedule a demo of the product. As such, multiple call-to-actions were created to give people way to connect to the Tridex experts easily.

New Product Brochure

To create even more touch-points for a customer to interact with the Tridex release, our team leveraged the new Tridex identity, product photography, and web content to create a valuable piece of literature in the form of a brochure. The brochure was also used as a way to introduce the product at trade shows and sales calls, and a co-branded version was created for the client’s distributors.

Branded Packaging

In order to further strengthen the Tridex identity, branded packaging was created for both the instrument and the shipping packaging. By using a cohesive look-and-feel along the customer interaction path, from website and trade shows to when it arrives in a customer’s lab, the Tridex branding is interconnected and synergized.

Multiple Product Documentation Pieces

Along with strong product packaging, we needed to ensure that it was easy for customers to be able to take their new Tridex instrument from the shipping dock to their lab and get up and running quickly. We worked with the client to develop a series of step-by-step quick start guides, as well as a detailed 44-page product manual to complete the product documentation suite.

Creating Buzz with Email Marketing

With a finalized product identity, branding website, and collateral, it was time to create buzz in the market. A teaser email was sent a couple months before launch with a simple message: “Something BIG is Coming to Bioprocessing.” This targeted email had a 47.7% open rate, and sessions on the client’s website increased 81%. As the campaign progressed, a second email was sent out highlighting that the Tridex could now get results in 5 minutes instead of the industry standard of almost 24 hours. This email also had an outstanding open rate of 35%. Further emails in the multi-hit campaign had an average of 24% open rates over a two month period.

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Once the Tridex brand strategy hit the market it generated awareness and engagement amongst bioprocessing professionals and helped position the product as a novel solution. Upon launch, the campaign generated over 300 immediate leads and almost 700 new users, holding the customers attention and differentiating from its competitors in the market.


I worked with V2Works on a major rebrand for my organization, and the results speak for themselves. Every person in my organization is excited about the direction we are going. Customers are responding positively to our new look and feel. We now have a cohesive design to roll out across our entire organization, so that we are always sending a consistent message about who we are and what we do. I gave V2Works everything I could about our previous brand, our current brand, and our market, and they took us in a new direction that captured the essence of what we were trying to convey. I couldn’t be more satisfied with our work together!

Hayley Dyer, Biosero, Inc.

“V2Works exceeded our expectations at each step. Not only did they stay on the agreed project timeline, but they also stayed within budget. We simply could not be happier with the end result.”

Timothy O'Hara, Altavair Air Finance

“V2Works is an essential part of our marketing team. They are lightening fast, easy to work with, great at helping you hone your message, and the best graphic designers I have ever worked with.”

Mark Kincy, IDEX Health & Science

“We needed a creative design firm that would listen to our ideas to help turn things around. V2Works has helped us to create a more professional image and modern identity. In the last 4 years we have almost tripled our business.”

Matt Dawson, Ironmaster

“When it comes to advertising budgets you will eventually have to talk about ROI. V2Works takes the time to learn about our business and together we get a lot more done for the money.”

Alan Schell, Upchurch Scientific



All kidding aside, we’re really dedicated to solving business challenges and Brandgineering perpetual value for our clients. We’re more than a branding agency, we’re your partner.