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IDEX Health & Science 2021 Virtual Global Summit

Faced with the difficult decision of pivoting their annual in-person employee conference to another platform, IDEX Health & Science partner with V2Works to devise and implement a game plan for going virtual. V2Works partnered with IDEX Health & Science to devise and implement an engaging virtual event for their annual in-person employee conference.


Like many live-event organizers, our client, IDEX Health & Science, was faced with the difficult decision of pivoting their annual in-person employee conference to another platform, but lacked the resources and knowledge to develop a way forward. Having partnered with V2Works for many years to help support their in-person gatherings, they quickly engaged with us to determine possibilities and devise a game plan. Our team quickly jumped in to adapt the event strategy and presentation model to find the best way to bring IDEX Health & Science’s team together virtually so they could keep their company connected, and more importantly, conduct business.


Our approach to planning a virtual meeting was in many ways similar to executing an in-person event. Starting with purpose and content are important. However, for this particular situation, we needed to overlap that with finding a platform that would support our goals. Our Brandgineers embraced the challenge and started exploring technology options in tandem with working on the event’s name, theme, messaging, and design. Our team carried out multiple project strategies for the entire virtual event, including all elements for brand, creative, and marketing, as well as timelines, project lists, results, event metrics, and testimonials.

The complex virtual event included the following:


For the event’s name and theme, we needed something compelling to set the tone and spark interest. We also wanted the name to relay to attendees the full switch to an on-line platform, and inspire them with a theme that would outshine the reasons for the change: COVID-19. After much masterminding, we changed the meeting title from the usual Global Commercial Meeting to the new Virtual Global Summit. The fresh name not only directly told the attendees that the meeting was going to be hosted online, but by purposely excluding the Commercial reference, the event instantly became much more accessible to employees who weren’t invited to participate in the past due to budget constraints.

Project Requirements


Research & Discovery
Creative Discovery
Platform Planning
Creative Readiness
Event Planning
Brand & Campaign Creation Development
Content Development & Organization
Ongoing Event Management
Technology Integration
Engagement Planning
Presenter Training
Launch & Live Front- and Back-End Support


Copy Writing
Design & Layout
UI/UX Design and Development
Web Design
Video Creation & Production
Event App Design & Development


Video Promotion
Presenter Campaigns
Attendee Campaigns

Technology Platform

We compared the capabilities of more than 20 top platforms and selected one for its ability to deliver and, where possible, support and even enhance the event’s outcomes. We chose a platform that provided live webcasting, interactive agendas, engagement activities, and had scalability and potential for future customer-centric events.

Video & Content Creation

We enhanced the user experience to keep our attendees focused and informed by constructing a series of videos and on-demand content to be released strategically before and during the event to make it fresh and appealing. In addition, our team inserted videos into livestream broadcasts with other functionality, such as built-in chat, Q&A, polling, and branded overlays, to deliver an interactive attendee experience. Video topics included: event teasers, event tours, welcome from the president, facility tours, accomplishments, voice of customer, and more. We also worked closely with the IDEX Health & Science team to develop and create a number of comprehensive brochures to debut as downloadable items at the Virtual Global Summit.

Promotional Campaigns

We created a detailed project plan and timeline to cover the development of all content and event assets for a full schedule of promotional communications. These aimed to keep presenters on track with content development as well as boost attendee excitement leading up to the event.

Live Event Management & Support

For the Virtual Global Summit, V2Works centrally managed all aspects of producing the live event in conjunction with the IDEX Health & Science marketing and event team. This included training, technical management, show calling, directing, and queuing 31 presenters across two continents as well as managing slide decks and participant interaction, such as real-time Q&A.

Attendee Tracking

Once registered, event attendees were authenticated in the event platform while their usage was tracked and provided for analysis post event. The platform was easily accessible via the web or mobile app, and once users were logged in, they saw a series of promotional
banners to access and interact with different types of content. We were able to take a deep dive into the event metrics and user movements to gain valuable insights such as popular content and interactions.


Moving to a virtual platform proved to be a huge success. Using a web- and mobile-app platform, we were able to transform valuable content and learning opportunities into a high-quality virtual networking experience for the global audience. The outcome was a smooth meeting experience that made the content fully accessible and engaging. The all-digital event was able to expand the attendee list to host more than twice the number (245%) of attendees that the in-person event could accommodate. Not only was IDEX Health & Science able to invite more employees, the virtual event proved to be a major cost-savings advantage over an in-person gathering, reducing the out-of-pocket expenses by 72%.

Cost Savings Overall
Increase in Attendees
Event Game Points Collected
Minutes of Content Consumed
Engagement Actions Across All Users
Increase in Content Lifespan

Pivoting to a Virtual Event During a Global Pandemic
IDEX Health & Science 2021 Virtual Global Summit

“V2Works was instrumental in helping us identify the best platform strategy to host our annual company meeting, going from an in-person gathering to a virtual platform. This new virtual platform and technology allowed our company to double the amount of attendees and significantly lower the cost of this meeting, making it a win-win! V2Works collaboratively led the entire project management of this meeting from beginning to end, but they really shined with their amazing creative design and graphics. They created visually incredible branding logos, PowerPoint templates, MS Teams backgrounds, Guest Speaker profiles, and extremely well executed videos. Their creative directives also included virtual gaming ideas and social posts to stir and boost the attendee engagement and experience. V2Works left nothing uncovered and truly made our first ever Virtual Global Summit an overwhelming success! Not only was I impressed with overall outcome of our Virtual Global Summit, but the attendees also enjoyed their experience. The entire team at V2Works are experts in their field. I have never worked with a better team in my life. They are all great to work with and made my job easy. I would highly recommend V2Works to any company, as they are truly creative geniuses!”
Lisa Wambold, Executive Assistant, IDEX Health & Science
“IDEX Health & Science held its first virtual event with help from V2Works. We partnered with the V2 team to develop the meeting concept, theme, visuals, and structure, as well as a wide variety of content that included an app, videos, landing pages, tutorials, brochures, and more. These are the types of things that I have come accustomed to working with V2 on for many years with great satisfaction. The V2 team also managed the third-party platform relationship and carried out all the technical setup. During the event, V2 was backstage helping to manage the live sessions and we pulled off four flawless days of virtual event bliss. Our post meeting survey and metrics confirmed that the event was an overwhelming success and we could not have pulled it off without V2Works. They are truly a partner and an integral part of our marketing team.”
Jeff Urbany, Global Marketing Director, IDEX Health & Science
“V2Works was a great partner who managed the platform expertly, implementing brand guideline styles across a web- and in-app experience and organizing all content placement. The team kept all aspects of the project on time and ensured presenters and admin were up to speed and properly trained. Additionally they provided comprehensive back-end support during our live sessions. Great job all around!”
Stephanie Snow, Content & Digital Marketing Manager, IDEX Health & Science
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