Project Description

Metcalf Brand

After a leadership change, Metcalf Builders needed a new brand strategy. Through a thorough Brandgineering process, V2Works developed a new brand strategy that honored the company’s history while positioning it for success in the future.


Metcalf Builders, Inc., a prominent construction company serving across the United States with over $1 billion in completed work since 1994, was undergoing a significant transition in leadership. As part of this transition, the company recognized the need to modernize its image to reflect its values and capabilities greater and attract new customers in the evolving construction industry. After hearing about V2Works’ from one of our other clients, they initially came to us with the idea of renaming their company “MBI” as an acronym and seeking a logo design to go with it. However, our team of experts evaluated their goals and recommended a complete rebranding strategy.

After extensive research and analysis, our team recommended keeping the name “Metcalf” and modernizing it as a shortened version of the original company name. This decision allowed the firm to maintain its roots and history while moving forward with a fresh and updated brand identity. Metcalf Builders was impressed with our thorough approach and trusted our expertise in Brandgineering to guide them through the rebranding process to position them for success in the new era of Metcalf.


To develop a deep understanding of the Metcalf culture, V2Works conducted an extensive employee survey to uncover what was at the heart of the company. The information gathered through the employee questionnaire provided invaluable insights that helped V2Works understand the firm’s unique culture and ideology. Our team of Brandgineers then developed a brand identity that resonated with both clientele and the family-like community within the company. The identity included the creation of a new tagline, “Together we are building the future,” which encapsulated the collaborative spirit of the organization and its commitment to excellence.

Project Requirements


Brand Strategy
Brand Development
Positioning and Messaging


Brand Identity & Logotype
Brand Guidelines
Design and Layout
Web & Mobile Interface Design
User Experience and Interaction


CMS Integration
Identity System Design
New Website Design and Development
Automobile Graphics

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Our Brandgineering process involved extensive research and analysis to identify the key elements that differentiate Metcalf from its competitors. We took a comprehensive approach beyond the visual identity and website design, delving deep into the company’s fundamental values and messaging. The V2Works team distilled the Metcalf Core Values based on their belief that everyone should have access to a safe and healthy environment and that people are strongest when united. Based on these principles, we amplified Safety, Integrity, Trust, and Excellence as the essential measures to underpin Metcalf’s brand identity and guide its business practices. The result was a cohesive brand strategy that communicates Metcalf’s strengths, expertise, and commitment to employee safety and customer satisfaction.

In order to renovate the Metcalf brand while honoring its rich history, a new logo, colors, typography, and guidelines were carefully formulated. A new website design focused on showcasing the company’s portfolio and capabilities while providing a user-friendly experience for potential clients. The V2Works Brandgineers also developed various swag pieces, such as hats and other clothing, to reinforce the new brand identity across all touchpoints. Furthermore, V2Works created a brand reveal video unveiled during Metcalf’s annual holiday dinner to launch the fresh brand to employees and showcase its identity and tagline. The video was met with great enthusiasm and excitement, effectively communicating the company’s new direction and vision to all employees.

In addition, V2Works created identity systems for Metcalf that included designing business cards, letterhead, presentation folders, vehicle graphics, and signage. Each element was carefully crafted to ensure they aligned with Metcalf’s new brand and effectively communicated their values to their clients and partners. Overall, the comprehensive rebranding effort successfully modernized Metcalf’s image while still honoring its exceptional past, positioning them for continued success in the future.


V2Works delivered a comprehensive brand strategy for Metcalf to showcase their capabilities and services to potential clients in a professional and contemporary manner. The new website, coupled with the new identity, has enabled Metcalf to build upon its already successful foundation and affirm their position as a premier power player in the industry for the new era of the company’s leadership. Following the implementation of the new brand strategy, Metcalf has received positive feedback from current and potential clients. The new website, identity, and other touchpoints have helped Metcalf stand out among its competitors and appeal to a wider audience. The new tagline, “Together we are building the future,” has also resonated with both clients and employees, reinforcing the company’s culture of unity and progress.

Moreover, the new brand strategy has helped Metcalf attract and retain top talent, as employees are proud to be a part of a company that values safety, integrity, trust, and excellence. The cohesive brand identity has also increased brand recognition and awareness, helping Metcalf to stay top-of-mind with potential clients in a competitive market. The success of the rebranding effort was demonstrated by the positive response to the brand reveal video, which generated excitement and honor among employees. Overall, the brand strategy has positioned Metcalf for further success as they continue to evolve and grow in the future.


I worked with V2Works on a major rebrand for my organization, and the results speak for themselves. Every person in my organization is excited about the direction we are going. Customers are responding positively to our new look and feel. We now have a cohesive design to roll out across our entire organization, so that we are always sending a consistent message about who we are and what we do. I gave V2Works everything I could about our previous brand, our current brand, and our market, and they took us in a new direction that captured the essence of what we were trying to convey. I couldn’t be more satisfied with our work together!

Hayley Dyer, Biosero, Inc.

“V2Works exceeded our expectations at each step. Not only did they stay on the agreed project timeline, but they also stayed within budget. We simply could not be happier with the end result.”

Timothy O'Hara, Altavair Air Finance

“V2Works is an essential part of our marketing team. They are lightening fast, easy to work with, great at helping you hone your message, and the best graphic designers I have ever worked with.”

Mark Kincy, IDEX Health & Science

“We needed a creative design firm that would listen to our ideas to help turn things around. V2Works has helped us to create a more professional image and modern identity. In the last 4 years we have almost tripled our business.”

Matt Dawson, Ironmaster

“When it comes to advertising budgets you will eventually have to talk about ROI. V2Works takes the time to learn about our business and together we get a lot more done for the money.”

Alan Schell, Upchurch Scientific



All kidding aside, we’re really dedicated to solving business challenges and Brandgineering perpetual value for our clients. We’re more than a branding agency, we’re your partner.