V2Works partnered with Metcalf Builders, Inc., a prominent construction company based in Reno, Nevada, serving across the United States with over $1 billion in completed work since 1994. The successful partnership saw V2Works work closely with the Metcalf leadership team to modernize its brand and align its messaging with its company values, vision, and commitment to providing exceptional commercial construction and management services.

Metcalf Builders reached out to V2Works with the idea of renaming their firm “MBI” and desired a new logo. But, after assessing their objectives, the V2Works team of Brandgineers proposed an entire rebranding plan. After meticulous research and evaluation, V2Works recommended conserving the name “Metcalf” but modernizing it as a shortened version of its original moniker. The shortened name recognizes the two founders of the company – Red Metcalf and Tom Metcalf – and forever solidifies their surname in the color and boldness of the new identity. This decision enabled the firm to maintain a connection to its origin and past while advancing with an invigorated and modernized brand identity.

“We wanted to honor Metcalf’s legacy and rich history while also creating a brand that speaks to the next generation of the Metcalf family and their vision for the future,” said Troy Turner, Creative Director / Principal of V2Works. “Our goal was to create a brand that embodies the family-centric values that have been the foundation of Metcalf’s success for generations while also looking forward to the future and the next chapter of the company’s story.”

For the rebrand, V2Works conducted an extensive employee survey and gathered invaluable insights to understand Metcalf’s unique culture and develop a resonant brand identity that honors its history. This process led to the creation of a new tagline, “Together we are building the future,” which perfectly encapsulated the collaborative and excellence-driven spirit of the organization and how the company shapes and develops its surrounding communities. Moreover, the V2Works Brandgineering process identified central elements to differentiate Metcalf from its competitors, distilling the core values of safety, integrity, trust, and excellence as the basis of its brand identity and a guide for its business practices. This platform ensured Metcalf embodied and reflected its values and beliefs to its clientele and its family-like community.

“We needed to evolve our identity and market position to reflect where we came from while still providing our operations and strategic ambitions with a strong direction for what’s to come. Taking on a new brand whose history and family-centric culture stretches back 30 years was something we knew we wanted to keep at the core of our new identity,” says Bryce Clutts, President and CEO of Metcalf.

The successful launch of the new Metcalf brand marks an exciting milestone for the company and its community, exceeding the company’s expectations and resonating with customers and employees alike. The new visual identity, website, and brand messaging have elevated Metcalf’s presence in the market and strengthened its position as a leading provider of construction and management services throughout the United States. Through our collaborative process that celebrated the legacy of the Metcalf name and captured its vision for the future, V2Works has helped Metcalf emerge as a revitalized, innovative, and family-centric organization poised for growth and success.