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Branded Swag and Promotional Giveaways

We are approaching summer of 2023, we’re back at trade shows, events, conferences... but you have to up your swag game if you want to be the talk of the trade show floor. If you can’t bear to give out yet another pen, water bottle, or even worse…..a lanyard, you have to really dig deep for ideas. Being creative with swag and giveaways, while staying on brand, isn’t the easiest feat. It’s easy to lose hours or even days going down an internet rabbit hole of searches for “customized giveaways” and honestly, there are only so many “company logo here” koozies one person can review. V2Works kept our clients swag game strong, even during the time when we were all working from home. During Covid, we knew many working parents [...]

Branded Swag and Promotional Giveaways2023-06-19T15:48:58-07:00

The Case for Creativity in Business to Business Advertising

Let’s be honest, sometimes the typical formula for B2B marketing materials can be dry. You can make a checklist of what the typical ad entails: product shot, list of features and benefits, a few specifications, maybe a price, a logo with contact information, and a call to action. It's easy to forget that there is another person on the other end, a person who will make a connection to your product by experiencing an emotional response to your brand. Of course, in the end the consumer will likely compare apples to apples in regards to specs to price, but the emotional marketing techniques for B2C can still be invaluable for B2B. In an ad, you have a split second to make an impression. Whether you’re using a bold color, a [...]

The Case for Creativity in Business to Business Advertising2020-06-30T22:53:51-07:00

Typography on the Web: Information, Tools and Services for the Web Site Owner

Typography is a large subject. Even when you only talk about type on the web, it can still be daunting. So, let’s take a look at what you can do now—with current technologies—on your website. We’ll review some history, look at where we are now and cover some tools and services that can help you and your designer add value to the content of your site by using better type. Of course, well-designed web typography has many benefits. Here are two of the best: Increased readability. (better dissemination of your message!) Better brand consistency. (match your print collateral!) In the Old Days Just recently, it was the Old Days when it came to type on the web. You were limited to a few ‘web-safe‘ typefaces as most users only [...]

Typography on the Web: Information, Tools and Services for the Web Site Owner2020-07-01T16:15:26-07:00

Still Life Food Photography

I'm on week 5 of my 7/52, taking 7 photos every week. Sometimes it comes down to the wire: suddenly it's Sunday, and I haven't taken any photos yet. Photography is all about seeing, though, and there are always plenty of things to see around the house; sometimes you just have to make them happen. So this week, I rummaged through the crisper and took photos of food. Typically you'll find me photographing finished dishes, as cooking is one of my many second-loves, but this time I decided to take a still-life approach to raw ingredients. There are so many colors and textures, I feel like the possibilities for interesting photography is infinite. Here are three different approaches: raw and natural on white, focusing on detail and colors; bright and [...]

Still Life Food Photography2020-07-01T17:25:34-07:00

Leveraging CAD Data to Create Photo-Realistic Imagery

In the past year, we've been working with our existing clients on a concept many refer to as CAD-to-AD. The concept is simple, leverage the existing SolidWorks CAD data many engineering-based companies already own, and use it to create photo-realistic imagery using 3D software and high-end rendering techniques. The process is simple. Clients send us their CAD data with some minor optimization adjustments. We then convert that CAD data into a format our 3D software can use. We then make any necessary adjustments, such as add or modify the materials applied to surfaces. Once we're happy with the materials and that all the CAD data converted correctly, we can pose the product and light it in the 3D environment, just as we would a photo-shoot. With a few camera effects, [...]

Leveraging CAD Data to Create Photo-Realistic Imagery2020-07-10T19:59:42-07:00

Designy Dog Names

A fellow graphic designer sent this to me. What fun names, almost makes me want to get a new dog. She recently got a new puppy, and named her Pixel.

Designy Dog Names2020-07-01T17:29:16-07:00

Purple Produce

After a trip to the local farmer's market over the weekend, I realized that some of the produce I picked were various shades of purples: violet radishes, purple peppers, red spring onions, and red buttercrunch lettuce. The lettuce and radishes were used in a big green salad with lots of other veggies from the market; the peppers were cut into strips and sauteed, put on crispy smashed potatoes, and topped with the red onions.

Purple Produce2020-07-01T17:30:05-07:00

IT without Software and Incubators made from SUVs

Empathy is the soul of design; just knowing a problem exists gives you a portion. Truly understanding of the problem gives you the balance needed for meaningful action. Understanding itself is cultivated through research, thinking and analysis. This is true when building a tool or designing an experience. In microcosm, it’s even true when you fold a scrap of paper to place under a piece of wobbling furniture. The following articles are examples of design with enough of both qualities to take ideas born in one culture and re-engineer them for another. Information Technology without Software Sometimes just the process of communicating is so complicated that even simple information gets lost because of incidental situations like a location or context. Even if the data is simple, it can get [...]

IT without Software and Incubators made from SUVs2020-10-23T15:38:33-07:00

Documenting Design

The CSA Flat File is an ongoing log of current projects from the unbelievably extensive CSA Images archive. When the universe of design inspiration feels like it's expanding at an exhausting rate, sometimes it's nice to rest your eyes on an oasis of flat color and ink on paper. [Images via CSA Flat File]

Documenting Design2020-07-01T17:36:21-07:00
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The Simpler the Brand, the Sweeter the Victory

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