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VPT Components Website

VPT Power Expands Product Offering with VPT Components and a New Website V2Works partnered with VPT Power to create a new website for their new division, VPT Components. The user interface and experience design revolved around their main persona, who already knows exactly what they are looking for by part number, and wants to find the product information as quickly and easily as possible. Based on this objective, and thousands of products to feature, we designed a website with a quick path to products which are shown in an easy-to-read table format. The products can be filtered or searched by any of their identifiers, to make the user experience even smoother. On the client side, with so many products to maintain, we created a [...]

VPT Components Website2020-06-30T17:20:03-07:00

Capabilities & Expertise

A Meaningful Brand ExperienceV2Works has honed the power of design to create smart and focused brands using our own Brandgineering by Design™ process — the result of over 25 years of accumulative branding research, analysis, and implementation, in which we have captured our deepest, most meaningful brand experiences, and simplified them into a simple step-by-step process that positions new or existing brand platforms to achieve Brand Victory. We are visionaries who listen to our clients, engage in creative solutions, and build brands that get attention. As industry leaders, we have the endurance to push past boundaries to establish long-term, valuable marketing solutions based on hard work and measurable results.We distill, focus, and deploy your brand message across the spectrum of print and digital media, reaching your customers with effective materials and a [...]

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Digital Capabilities & Expertise

Digital Capabilities & Expertise From a computer screen to a kiosk, trade show plasma screen to a customer’s pocket, our team of brandgineers have the tools and experience to meet your digital marketing goals, from strategy to web design and UI/UX architecture, to production through launch. Our approach to interactive design combines information architecture, dynamic content, and engaging visuals into a memorable experience that drives results for our clients. Complementing our digital design services, we utilize our on-site photo studio to create original image assets, in addition to full 3D capabilities for product and conceptual work. Digital Creative & Strategy Photography 3D Rendering & Animation Motion Graphics & Video Web & Mobile Interface Design Wire-framing & Prototyping QA & Maintenance [...]

Digital Capabilities & Expertise2023-12-07T12:46:36-08:00

Hamilton Neuros Syringe Video

Hamilton Neuros Syringe Technology Video Hamilton Company is revolutionizing neuroscience with their Neuros Syringes, which deliver unprecedented functionality for controlled animal injections. To communicate the benefits of Neuros technology, Hamilton asked V2Works to create an educational animated video that would convey all the most important benefits of the product in a concise but interesting way. Taking lead from the previous animation style of a video we created for Hamilton’s Power of On-line Intelligent Sensors, our Brandgineers worked closely with Hamilton experts to pin-point the chief advantages of Neuros, while keeping the storyboard clean, straightforward, and also playful enough to keep the audience engaged. This project required: Creative Concepting Script Writing Storyboarding Infographic Design Custom 2D [...]

Hamilton Neuros Syringe Video2020-08-03T21:41:35-07:00

Hamilton: The Power of On-line Intelligent Sensors Video

Campaign Explainer Video Our clients needed a way to visually educate to their customers how to reduce the total ownership cost of traditional pH measurement by implementing intelligent sensors into their workflow, as part of a larger product campaign. V2Works created a short, engaging marketing video that highlights the power of on-line intelligent sensors by using a flat animation style that tells the story in an entertaining way. The goal is to use the video in marketing and social campaigns that direct customers to a dedicated landing page that provides further education. This project required: Campaign Development Creative Concepting Storyboarding Infographic Design Custom 2D Illustrations Voice Actor Procurement & Direction [...]

Hamilton: The Power of On-line Intelligent Sensors Video2023-04-18T20:10:50-07:00

Altavair Website

An Established Air Finance Company Launches a New Brand and Website V2Works partnered with Altavair, formerly Guggenheim Aviation partners to create and launch a complete re-brand of their company, including a new name, identity, collateral, photography, and website. Due to Altavair’s established history, they not only required a strong new brand, but a compelling website that would uphold their credibility in the market. The new site was designed and developed to reflect Altavair’s key brand values, and also express their uniquely innovative interactions paired with phenomenal integrity. The polished site conveys Altavair’s long history and commitment to commercial aviation leasing, while also offering an extensive look into their immense track record of world-wide clientele. The site features a streamlined, user-friendly layout, mobile-friendly [...]

Altavair Website2020-07-01T18:04:17-07:00

V2Works Launches New Website for Altavair, Formerly Guggenheim Aviation Partners

V2Works, a branding and design firm, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Altavair, formerly Guggenheim Aviation Partners (GAP), a subsidiary of Guggenheim Partners, LLC. Altavair recently purchased the commercial aviation division from Guggenheim Partners to operate as an independent business, procuring the help of V2Works to create and launch a complete re-brand of their company, including a new name, identity, collateral, photography, and website. With global operations in Seattle, London and Singapore, Altavair specializes in acquiring, leasing, re-purposing, and selling commercial jet aircraft and engines. Since its inception in 2003, Altavair has completed over $8 billion in commercial aircraft lease transactions — with 40 customers in 27 countries representing over 200 individual Boeing and Airbus aircraft, including direct orders from the manufacturers and 17 [...]

V2Works Launches New Website for Altavair, Formerly Guggenheim Aviation Partners2020-08-27T22:18:19-07:00

Ironmaster Ad campaign and Contest

Ironmaster Ad campaign and Contest We launched an online contest campaign for health and fitness company, IronMaster that leveraged data tracking for a series of strategically placed ads. We designed a series of ads that ran every month in big-industry magazines and included URL links that were set up to monitor user data and track analytics. The contest incentivized user visits to designated campaign landing pages where Ironmaster was able to track customer leads and gather new customer information. The campaign utilized a strategic sequence of print and digital ad placements as well as interactive landing pages to generate consumer interest in products. As a result, Ironmaster was able to generate more leads per campaign from one ad campaign than the entire previous year’s [...]

Ironmaster Ad campaign and Contest2020-07-13T16:13:59-07:00

Hamilton pH Video

Streamlining Training with Animated Videos We produced a training video for Hamilton personnel that would minimize repetitive, costly and time-consuming in-person training. The educational material for Hamilton pH sensors was simplified into a series of sequential steps, story boarded, and then animated to create a more captivating delivery of pH measurement and sensor use. By using bold graphic icons, consistent visuals and fluid narration throughout the animation, the content could be presented clearly and quickly to any audience. The video set a conceptual precedence for content delivery, turning hours of training efforts into minutes. This project required: Creative Concepting Custom 2D Illustrations Storyboarding Motion Graphics Direction Voice Actor Procurement & [...]

Hamilton pH Video2020-07-13T17:45:01-07:00

IDEX Health & Science IDEX Health & Science 3D imagery

IDEX Health & Science 3D imagery IDEX Health & Science, a life science company that specializes in fluidics components and engineering solutions, has over 3,000 products available for sale through their e-commerce website. We were able to leverage existing SolidWorks engineering drawings to compile a comprehensive library of 3-dimensional images, utilizing the contents of their image library to output 74,000 individual renderings — 30 of each product — to create 360° product views for each product on their website and touch screen kiosk. This project required: Product Innovation Creative Concepting Photo-realistic 3D Motion Graphics

IDEX Health & Science IDEX Health & Science 3D imagery2020-08-26T14:45:12-07:00
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