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A Meaningful Brand ExperienceV2Works has honed the power of design to create smart and focused brands using our own Brandgineering by Design™ process — the result of over 25 years of accumulative branding research, analysis, and implementation, in which we have captured our deepest, most meaningful brand experiences, and simplified them into a simple step-by-step process that positions new or existing brand platforms to achieve Brand Victory. We are visionaries who listen to our clients, engage in creative solutions, and build brands that get attention. As industry leaders, we have the endurance to push past boundaries to establish long-term, valuable marketing solutions based on hard work and measurable results.We distill, focus, and deploy your brand message across the spectrum of print and digital media, reaching your customers with effective materials and a [...]

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Print Capabilities & Expertise

Print Capabilities & Expertise Before Adobe created Photoshop and Apple made a computer with enough RAM to display a layout, we were designing innovative, creative print. Each day, we are producing high-quality, cohesive brand collateral across a wide range of formats. Unlike many small- to mid-size design firms, we can take your print project from initial conceptualization all the way through final production and delivery — completely in-house. With a strong background in production, our team brings the expertise needed to design for your brand with print feasibility, schedule, and of course budget in mind. From simple direct mail postcards to complex product launches with a full suite of materials, we do it all, and we do it well. Print Strategy, through Creative & Production Collateral Materials [...]

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Ironmaster Catalog Redesign

Ironmaster Catalog Redesign Ironmaster came to us in need of a catalog design update. This 28-page catalog features company history, product information, specifications, instructions, exercise moves, and two tear-out posters with work out routines that a person could hang on the wall in their home gym. We went to their warehouse in Monroe, WA, for an on-site photoshoot with two models and multiple sets of equipment. The photos were a great addition to the revamp of the brochure redesign. The project required: Creative Concepting Brand Development Print Design & Layout Content Organization Color Development Color Correction Original Photography Photo Retouching Catalog Organization & Hierarchy Product Photography [...]

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IDEX Health & Science Periodic Table of Analytical Fittings

The Periodic Table of Analytical Fittings IDEX Health & Science wanted to do a promotional giveaway that would also serve a use for their customers. Their engineering experts developed a Periodic Table of Analytical Fittings and worked with Brandgineering team at V2Works to create a color-coded poster that mimicked the periodic table to serve as a quick reference guide for their analytical fittings. This poster was given away at multiple trade shows in the US and Europe, and was also co-branded by their distributor, VWR, as well as published in ChromJournal magazine to give away 30,000 copies. The periodic table of fittings features 137 three-dimensional renderings of fittings, ferrules, and tools with their corresponding information. V2Works took rough ideas and CAD files from the engineers [...]

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Majestic Safety Glasses Campaign and Packaging

Majestic Safety Glasses Campaign and Packaging Majestic, a glove and safety clothing company, was releasing a new line of safety glasses and came to us for help. After a major rebrand, they needed not only packaging to match their new brand, but a way to get the word out that they now carried these glasses. We created a landing page and eblast campaign to send out to their current customers to let them know about the new glasses as well as a direct mail flyer to send out to their catalog mailing list. The glasses packaging consisted of three parts — the plastic bag the glasses came in, a box for retailers to sit on their shelf, and an outer branded shipping [...]

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City of Kenmore Brings You More

City of Kenmore Brings You More Our home town of Kenmore, WA, looked to us to help create a campaign that would bring attention to and bring more people to Kenmore. A series of beautification projects around the city prompted the campaign, bringing to light that you could “Do More in Kenmore,” such as shop more, live more, play more, and find more, which sparked the “more” campaign. A series of stickers were designed and produced that were passed out to residents and local businesses to help get the word out about the city, and the campaign was also featured on the Kenmore Business Directory. We then created a 24’ sign showing what was to be coming soon to the downtown area which [...]

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Hamilton Arc On-Line Process Monitoring Sensory Booth

Hamilton Arc Sensors Trade Show Booth Hamilton Process Analytics launched their new Arc Air app this year which prompted Arc to be the central theme of their 2018 Interphex trade show booth. They wanted to take their existing structure and give it a revamp to drive home the connectivity power of their Arc Sensors, Arc Air app, and Arc Wi Adapter. Their original main structure, a 15’ tall rectangle with 6’ wide panels, was fitted with a 3’ tall logo circle with LED lights on the inside. A smaller acrylic cylindrical tower with water in it and sensors coming out the side, was frosted at the top to mimic the end of the Arc Wi adapter. LED lights were added inside as well as [...]

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Seattle Artisan Foods Branding and Packaging

Seattle Artisan Foods Branding and Packaging To help the small-batch seafood cuisine creator, Seattle Artisan Foods, break into a much larger retail distribution bracket, we focused on developing a brand that would stand out in the Seattle seafood cuisine marketplace. The brand and packaging needed to be artistic and interesting to attract the attention of their distribution customers, but also clean enough so the casual shopper could easily find key decision-making information. View the case study This project required: Brand Development Custom Illustration Design & Layout Label Design Packaging

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Case Study: Seattle Artisan Foods

View the full Seattle Artisan Foods Project Case Seattle Artisan Foods is a provider of authentic, high quality seafood sauces, condiments, and seasonings. Their hand-crafted business started with small batches and catered to specialty stores in the Seattle region, but soon they were ready to take their brand to a much larger retail distribution. Originating in the Pacific Northwest and proud of that heritage, Seattle Artisan Foods needed new packaging that could convey their story visually to shoppers while standing out on crowded grocery shelves. It was also important for Seattle Artisan Foods as a brand to evoke Seattle’s seafood culture while keeping their local, small-batch characteristics. Since the seafood cuisine industry is unique and vibrant in the Seattle area, Seattle Artisan Foods teamed with V2Works to obtain their [...]

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Altavair Brand Development

Showcasing Innovation and Integrity Guggenheim Aviation Partners (GAP), an aircraft investment and management business belonging to Guggenheim Partners, LLC, recently purchased the commercial aviation division to operate as a separate entity. Due to GAP’s long-standing and successful history, they required a strong new brand to present to the market. (Read full Press Release) In their transition to a singular company, GAP sought the help of V2Works to create a new name and identity for their business, with the primary goal being to maintain its position as a premier global commercial aircraft leasing, financing, and management company.  In a rapid six-week sprint, V2Works worked hand-in-hand with the GAP team to determine a clear differentiator and branding strategy to help guide their [...]

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