Hamilton Arc Sensors Trade Show Booth

Hamilton Process Analytics launched their new Arc Air app this year which prompted Arc to be the central theme of their 2018 Interphex trade show booth. They wanted to take their existing structure and give it a revamp to drive home the connectivity power of their Arc Sensors, Arc Air app, and Arc Wi Adapter. Their original main structure, a 15’ tall rectangle with 6’ wide panels, was fitted with a 3’ tall logo circle with LED lights on the inside. A smaller acrylic cylindrical tower with water in it and sensors coming out the side, was frosted at the top to mimic the end of the Arc Wi adapter. LED lights were added inside as well as a vinyl logo sticker placed around the outside. The TVs mounted to either side of the tower showed the Arc Air software. The LED lights on the two towers would change colors simultaneously creating the effect that they were talking to each other.

The sensors on the main tower were created using a combination of 3D and photography. From white boarding, to 3D comps, to seeing the booth come to life was an incredible process to witness.

This project required:

  • Product Innovation

  • Creative Concepting

  • Photo-realistic 3D

  • Design & Layout

  • Interactive Design

  • Print Design & Layout

  • Photo Retouching

  • 3D Graphics

  • Trade Show Materials