The Periodic Table of Analytical Fittings

IDEX Health & Science wanted to do a promotional giveaway that would also serve a use for their customers. Their engineering experts developed a Periodic Table of Analytical Fittings and worked with Brandgineering team at V2Works to create a color-coded poster that mimicked the periodic table to serve as a quick reference guide for their analytical fittings. This poster was given away at multiple trade shows in the US and Europe, and was also co-branded by their distributor, VWR, as well as published in ChromJournal magazine to give away 30,000 copies.

The periodic table of fittings features 137 three-dimensional renderings of fittings, ferrules, and tools with their corresponding information. V2Works took rough ideas and CAD files from the engineers at IDEX Health & Science and turned them into a well designed, organized masterpiece. Each square features a 3D rendering of the part, it’s pressure rating in both BAR and PSI, part number, head style, torque level, material, and tubing size. Some products feature an icon to designate a tool is required to install the fitting. The fitting and ferrule squares are organized by port thread going from left to right, and pressure from top to bottom. The tools section lists the tool category, part number, torque required, and head style.

We are sure scientists and engineers alike will keep this valuable resource on their walls for years to come.

This project required:

  • Creative Concepting

  • 3D Graphics

  • Print Design & Layout

  • Iconography Development

  • Advertising