Hamilton Neuros Syringe Technology Video

Hamilton Company is revolutionizing neuroscience with their Neuros Syringes, which deliver unprecedented functionality for controlled animal injections. To communicate the benefits of Neuros technology, Hamilton asked V2Works to create an educational animated video that would convey all the most important benefits of the product in a concise but interesting way. Taking lead from the previous animation style of a video we created for Hamilton’s Power of On-line Intelligent Sensors, our Brandgineers worked closely with Hamilton experts to pin-point the chief advantages of Neuros, while keeping the storyboard clean, straightforward, and also playful enough to keep the audience engaged.

This project required:

  • Creative Concepting

  • Script Writing

  • Storyboarding

  • Infographic Design

  • Custom 2D Illustrations

  • Voice Actor Procurement & Direction

  • Motion Graphics

  • Video Production