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IDEX Health & Science Touch Screen Kiosk

Groundbreaking Product Interface for IDEX Health & Science The new touch-screen kiosks for IDEX Health & Science showcase interactive, 3D on-screen product models that can be interactively viewed at trade shows and corporate presentations. This new method for displaying entire product offerings has set the standard for B2B presentation. What used to require cumbersome sets of products to be lugged around for in-show display can now be streamlined for convenience and portability. The kiosk features interactive touchscreen capabilities, robust product filtering, and specs for over 3,000 intricate fludics components. The kiosks can also act as a built-in lead form for literature and follow-up requests and can be used in tablet form as an interactive sales tool. Overall, the IDEX Health & [...]

IDEX Health & Science Touch Screen Kiosk2020-07-13T16:17:58-07:00

King County Library Reading App

King County Library Reading App We partnered with the King County Library to uniquely market their ‘Take Time to Read’ program. V2Works developed a convenient mobile app that allowed users to track cumulative reading time, locate libraries and reading centers, compare stats to other user profiles, and post results, goals, and personal achievements to social media. This project required: UI/UX Design and Planning Guidelines for Interactive Scope Design & Layout Custom Illustrations UI Development

King County Library Reading App2020-07-13T16:12:44-07:00

Majestic BlazeTex Campaign

Standout Advertising for Majestic USA Majestic Glove ran a half page ad in Business and Industry Connection (BIC) Magazine that featured BlazeTex, a line of their flame retardant clothing. In a magazine where every ad was muddled by over-accommodated content, Majestic was looking to create a system that not only challenged conventional visuals, but also carried a relevant benefit that would directly appeal to magazine’s readership. We paired current brand elements with original, heroic photography that would make the subject clothing items stand out. The end result was a high-contrast, eye-catching ad that distilled its message down to relevant imagery and captivating messaging. The call to action on the ad led to a campaign-custom landing page that not only documented the success of the [...]

Majestic BlazeTex Campaign2020-10-23T15:40:51-07:00

Chronus Website Refresh

Chronus Website Refresh V2Works was asked by Chronus to work alongside them to improve their online presence by including new brand elements. V2Works designed new page layouts that integrated the more colorful and playful aspect of the Chronus brand, including infographics and icon illustrations. The scope included the tweak of page layout and navigation to create a better user experience. This project required: Brand Development Design & Layout Appropriation of Brand Photography & Imagery Infographic Design Content Organization

Chronus Website Refresh2020-07-01T22:50:47-07:00

Chronus Web Campaign

Chronus Web Campaign Chronus looked to V2Works to create an web-wide advertising campaign to initiate a awareness for their mentoring and coaching software. Using multiple web ad sizes, as well as targeting social media, a cohesive campaign was designed to connect with their audience for free e-book downloads and webinars. This project required: Campaign Development Design Layout Appropriation of Brand Photography & Imagery

Chronus Web Campaign2020-07-01T20:34:03-07:00

Hamilton Needle Builder

Hamilton Needle Builder Hamilton Company manufactures a great quantity of hubs and needles in a wide array of gauges and lengths, but is well-equipped to handle each customers’ needs. V2Works created a way for customers to make the selection process easy — the Hamilton Needle Builder. The Needle Builder is a stand-alone website that walks the user step-by-step through the needle building process. Users start by selecting their hub style, a needle gauge and length, and finishing with the point style they require. In the end the customer is shown the exact needle, whether custom or not, that can be ordered. This project required: Creative & Concepts Guidelines for Scope Design & Development Production & Code [...]

Hamilton Needle Builder2020-07-02T15:21:09-07:00

IDEX Health & Science: BrandLab Internal Marketing Website

BrandLab is the Hub for all Internal Marketing Initiatives at IDEX Health & Science BrandLab is the internal marketing website for IDEX Health & Science. BrandLab is the hub for all marketing announcements and initiatives by the IDEX Marketing team to internal personnel, including an interactive version of the IH&S brand guidelines, downloadable templates for all marketing materials and requests, live monthly posts from the BrandLab newsletter, downloadable assets and images for internal use, and presentation templates. The BrandLab website showcases how marketing initiatives have been directed and where marketing support is available for sales teams across the company. The BrandLab website is a customized WordPress template that has been re-interfaced to match the layout, look and general site map of the newly [...]

IDEX Health & Science: BrandLab Internal Marketing Website2020-07-02T16:39:32-07:00

DirtFish Website Streamlined Navigation for an Edge-of-Your-Seat Rally Site

Streamlined Navigation for an Edge-of-Your-Seat Rally Site The DirtFish website rebrand represented not only high-level re-organization of content throughout the site, but it also required a refresh and modernization of the site’s layout, visual components, and interface. The updated home page of the site streamlines news feeds from each part of the DirtFish brand, giving users a comprehensive picture to what the company offers without having to spend the time digging to get there. We also expanded the site’s capabilities by listing all programs and enabling integrated scheduling capabilities that allow users to reserve space for classes and events online. The DirtFish brand encompasses a rally school, merchandise, and public relations (which includes their pro riders and sponsorships, national events, and endorsements). With the previous [...]

DirtFish Website Streamlined Navigation for an Edge-of-Your-Seat Rally Site2020-07-02T20:20:26-07:00

Case Study: Chronus

Case Chronus offers talent and career development software for enterprise-scale organizations. As one of the fastest growing mentoring and talent development solutions companies, Chronus looked to differentiate their brand by teaming up with brand experts, V2Works. They had a lot of information that needed to be streamlined for potential clients. Strategy Brand strategy focused primarily on how the customer was interacting with Chronus products—development from on a user experience perspective. Along with a redesign of their corporate website, we used the refreshed Chronus brand platform to implement additional creative projects including photography, illustration, and sales campaign collateral. We focused on simplifying customer interfacing from the ground up. Results By involving the core management in creative discovery sessions it was [...]

Case Study: Chronus2020-07-01T16:47:22-07:00

Case Study: DirtFish

Case DirtFish is the most prestigious rally racing school in America set at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. With over 315 acres of gravel, mud and tarmac, DirtFish is one of the most qualified locations in the world to learn or train for rally racing. With a corner on the niche rally industry, the team at DirtFish looked to expand their rally racing empire, laying the groundwork for a global brand development. Strategy We collaborated with the DirtFish team, getting our hands dirty to restructure the brand from the ground up. The discovery process included spending quality time at the facility working with sales personnel, instructors, and even mechanics. Together, the DirtFish team and rally car [...]

Case Study: DirtFish2020-07-01T16:46:14-07:00
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