BrandLab is the Hub for all Internal Marketing Initiatives at IDEX Health & Science

BrandLab is the internal marketing website for IDEX Health & Science. BrandLab is the hub for all marketing announcements and initiatives by the IDEX Marketing team to internal personnel, including an interactive version of the IH&S brand guidelines, downloadable templates for all marketing materials and requests, live monthly posts from the BrandLab newsletter, downloadable assets and images for internal use, and presentation templates. The BrandLab website showcases how marketing initiatives have been directed and where marketing support is available for sales teams across the company.

The BrandLab website is a customized WordPress template that has been re-interfaced to match the layout, look and general site map of the newly redesigned corporate IDEX Health & Science website. Project scope included content and visuals direction, content generation (including development of template downloads, brand guidelines asset optimization, blog setup, downloadable assets, presentation materials and promotional giveaways), site-wide copy writing, UI updates and overall brand management.

Along with the BrandLab site, part of the marketing initiative at IDEX Heath & Science was to create a quarterly eNewsletter that mimicked the BrandLab site and showcased all marketing endeavors. The newsletter includes a letter from the global marketing director as well as updates on available resources to the internal team. Direct involvement with the project includes ongoing production of all updates to the BrandLab Marketing site as well as copy writing, photography and retouching for all site content and blog posts.

One of the biggest endeavors that coincided with the launch of the site was the inclusion of an interactive version of the IDEX Heath & Science brand guidelines. By making the guidelines available to all internal personnel via an online marketing portal, the marketing team has been able to continue to refine the new brand to best suit company and marketing needs. With the BrandLab website, the IDEX Heath & Science brand has become a flexible, living, functional entity. Furthermore, the marketing team has been able to use the online guidelines to streamline brand voice, visuals and content across a variety of divisions within the company.

This project required:

  • UI Development

  • WordPress Development
  • Copy Writing
  • Front-end HTML

  • Photo Retouching

  • Optimization of Brand Guidelines Assets for Web

  • MS Word User Templates (For Internal Download)