Standout Advertising for Majestic USA

Majestic Glove ran a half page ad in Business and Industry Connection (BIC) Magazine that featured BlazeTex, a line of their flame retardant clothing. In a magazine where every ad was muddled by over-accommodated content, Majestic was looking to create a system that not only challenged conventional visuals, but also carried a relevant benefit that would directly appeal to magazine’s readership. We paired current brand elements with original, heroic photography that would make the subject clothing items stand out. The end result was a high-contrast, eye-catching ad that distilled its message down to relevant imagery and captivating messaging.

The call to action on the ad led to a campaign-custom landing page that not only documented the success of the campaign, but directly supported ad content in driving sales.

This project required:

  • Original Photography

  • Print Design & Layout

  • Copy Writing

  • Marcom Lead Tracking

  • Model Procurement