V2Works, a branding and design firm, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Altavair, formerly Guggenheim Aviation Partners (GAP), a subsidiary of Guggenheim Partners, LLC. Altavair recently purchased the commercial aviation division from Guggenheim Partners to operate as an independent business, procuring the help of V2Works to create and launch a complete re-brand of their company, including a new name, identity, collateral, photography, and website.

With global operations in Seattle, London and Singapore, Altavair specializes in acquiring, leasing, re-purposing, and selling commercial jet aircraft and engines. Since its inception in 2003, Altavair has completed over $8 billion in commercial aircraft lease transactions — with 40 customers in 27 countries representing over 200 individual Boeing and Airbus aircraft, including direct orders from the manufacturers and 17 freighter conversions. Due to Altavair’s established history, they not only required a strong new brand, but a compelling website that would uphold their credibility in the market.

“Altavair has built a tremendous reputation as a global leader in the aviation leasing industry,” said Troy Turner, V2Works Creative Director. “They needed a web presence that reflects that. The new site will ensure a superior and informative user experience for their visitors.”

V2Works kicked off the project by conducting brand exercises to identify successful benchmark sites, gain creative inspiration, and build insights for developing a web strategy for Altavair. Leveraging insights from the research phase, V2Works created a multi-platform responsive website experience to promote the company’s culture, service offerings, customer base, and portfolio.

The new site was designed and developed to reflect Altavair’s key brand values, and also express their uniquely innovative interactions paired with phenomenal integrity. The polished site conveys Altavair’s long history and commitment to commercial aviation leasing, while also offering an extensive look into their immense track record of world-wide clientele.

Each page of the site is heavily branded, featuring striking, vivid-contrast black and white photography to further enhance Altavair’s character. In addition to the brand and web site development, V2Works executed an on-site photo shoot of the core Altavair team. Photos were taken in multiple locations throughout the Seattle office with different settings and props. The goal was to create a sense of place, depicting real-life interaction using a photo-journalistic approach. The photos were then enhanced and re-touched to maintain a dynamic, recognizable look for the brand.

“The website captures the look and spirit of the new Altavair brand, integrating their main expressions of how they interact with customers: Visionary, Exceptional, and Meaningful,” said Brandee Borror, Senior Art Director of V2Works. “Visitors to the site can also easily access essential information about Altavair’s heritage and services, and ultimately learn how Altavair can make amazing things happen by connecting the world.”

The site features a streamlined, user-friendly layout, mobile-friendly information architecture, parallax elements, and an advanced mapping tool. It was designed to meet the requirements of an increasingly digital customer base, and can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices without loss of functionality. From each page, customers can easily download a company fact sheet or request more information from each of the global locations. The site was equipped with a Content Management System that allows for easy updates, edits, and management of content by the Altavair staff.

Upon site launch, Timothy O’Hara, Head of Operations at Altavair, commented “The website is really amazing. I don’t know what I was expecting, but this has certainly exceeded it. Everybody is very impressed and amazed V2Works could do it so quickly. Thanks again for what you and your team have accomplished in such a short period of time. We simply could not be happier with the end result.”

V2Works is proud of the collaboration with Altavair and invites you to visit the site at, and view other Altavair branding projects.

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