Hiking Around Yosemite

A few years ago I packed up the RV and the family headed for Yosemite. We have all seen the photos right? But WOW… when we first rolled into the valley we were all amazed. Photos REALLY don’t give you a true perspective. Everything was so much bigger than life. Shear rock walls, waterfalls… everything was just beautiful. We spent a week there and still felt like we didn’t get enough. We are definitely going back… for two weeks this time!

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It’s Football Season!

  Back in the 70′s my dad took me to a few Seahawks games in the infamous Kingdome. We grew up in central Washington and going to Seattle was a pretty big deal. Those were some really great memories; watching Kraig throw a bomb to Largent was what it was all about. Gas prices got out of control and luxuries like going to games became too much. For years we watched from our couches.   I went off to college, then got married and along came the kids. In 1999 we found out that the dome was going to be demolished and a new stadium was coming to Seattle. I heard from a buddy that if you bought season tickets before the 2000 season, you were promised great setting in [...]

It’s Football Season!2020-07-01T14:28:09-07:00
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