There is a place in central Washington called the Potholes Reservoir. The Potholes Reservoir is part of the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project that was formed by the O’Sullivan Dam back in the 1950′s. The reservoir is fed by water from Moses Lake which is part of the Crab Creek basin. I grew up nearby and my parents spent many weekends water skiing on this lake. Now, my family and I like to head over to Potholes every chance we get, in August when the water is warm. At sunrise we head down to H2O Watersports and rent several jet bikes for the day. The first thing we do is run to the north end, exploring the hundreds of small sandy islands, until we claim one for the day and set up our shade and flag pole. The flag is critical when you get lost out on the water and you’re trying get back to your island. We soak up the rays, play in the water, BBQ lunch and dinner, and race around the islands for about 8 hours. By the end of the day we are completely beat. I highly recommend trying this if you haven’t been there.