I have been riding for about 45 years and have done just about everything you can on a dirt bike. I can’t claim to be the fastest or the most talented, but for me it’s about just being out there. I have spent time on motocross tracks, poker runs, enduros, desert races, sand dunes…. but my favorite terrain will always be trail riding. It doesn’t matter if you’re with a buddy, your family, or a whole group, just getting out there puts a smile on my face. I enjoy casual rides, technical rides and seat-of-your-pants-(probably-should-slow-down)-rides.

Packing up a lunch and heading for the hills is my family’s favorite past time. One of our favorite destinations is Quartz Mountain on the Taneum Ridge trail system here in Washington. This trail really has it all… rocks, roots, hills, creeks… everything to keep you on your toes. After climbing to about 5,800 feet, you get a view of Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, and if you look hard enough, the leveled Mount St. Helens. If you’re not a dirt-biker there is still plenty of room on the trails for hikers, mountain bikes and horses. There is also 4X4 roads up the back side. It is truly a great place.