Chronus Career Development Collateral

Chronus offers talent and career development software for enterprise-scale organizations. As one of the fastest growing mentoring and talent development solutions companies, Chronus looked to differentiate their brand by teaming up with brand experts. They had a lot of information that needed to be streamlined for potential clients.

Brand strategy focused primarily on how the customer was interacting with Chronus products—development from on a user experience perspective. Along with a redesign of their corporate website, we used the refreshed Chronus brand platform to implement additional creative projects including photography, illustration, and sales campaign collateral. We focused on simplifying customer interfacing from the ground up.

By involving the core management in creative discovery sessions it was easy to target a strong brand story for Chronus. V2Works was able to design strategically branded marketing to provide cohesive solutions that redefined their business on a consumer level.

This project required:

  • Brand Development

  • Design & Layout

  • Appropriation of Brand Photography & Imagery

  • Content Organization

  • Infographic Creation

  • Icon Series Development