HISUN needed to expand their brand relevance and break through to their target market, the United States. Even though they were the sixth largest supplier of UTV’s in the world, they were virtually unknown in the U.S. because most of their product marketing was targeted to OEMs. The HISUN brand needed a competitive strategy to reinvigorate consumer preference across all UTV and ATV markets.


HISUN partnered with us to direct a relevant perception of their product to their target market. We recognized the need to significantly redirect HISUN’s advertising efforts to connect their brand to a lifestyle of fun and recreation. The Brandgineering by Design™ process integrated lifestyle photography, messaging, advertising, and strategy to define a consistent experience of outdoor adventure, sun and reliability, reinforcing values and standards that influenced preference in western markets.


The HISUN brand was meticulously restructured to effectively identify HISUN products in international markets. By specifically targeting ATV and UTV marketing, we were able to maintain competitive relevance in the minds of American customers. We restructured HISUN collateral under one tagline: “Grab Some Sun,” which also grabbed the attention of dealers, giving HISUN a leading edge in American distribution. We organized their messaging around a target perception, developed a comprehensive array of marketing materials to reinforce the new direction and effectively positioned the HISUN brand as a competitive option in the motorsports industry.