IDEX Health & Science asked V2Works to overhaul their Social Media strategy. After establishing goals, reviewing their current plan, and researching current, viable B2B methods, we came up with a plan.


We developed a branded post-style that included not only their images, but brand voice, as well as a hash-tag strategy. We aimed for a post per channel per day, spreading out an average of 35 posts over their social channels each month.


The major, over-arching campaign over these months was the IDEXology campaign which brought a 39.8% increase in website sessions and a 45% increase in website users. Large increases in social media traffic has also been a key result of the IDEXology campaign, 246% increase in LinkedIn engagement and 166% increase in impressions for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

After the social media overhaul, there was a 68% increase in the number of returning web users and a 53% increase in the number of new web users referred from LinkedIn. Their website,, received 11x the number of web sessions referred from LinkedIn in one month alone, compared to the average month during 2018. Two to 5 shares of an IDEXology post on LinkedIn by an IDEX Health & Science employee led to a 15 to 20 follower increase that day on LinkedIn (477 new followers total for the month). Facebook posts encouraged the most session duration, with an average session of 7 minutes on our website and each web user viewed multiple pages (4.83) per session.

Long Term Results

Pre-Overhaul: 6 Months Post-Overhaul:
LinkedIn Followers: 705 LinkedIn Followers: 2,186
Facebook Likes: 336 Facebook Likes: 399
YouTube Views: 4,143 YouTube Views: 6,197