After enjoying decades as a leader in the specialized exercise equipment industry, Ironmaster began feeling an increased distance from their customer base, which was further impacted by the economic downturn of the early 2000′s. Facing a need to revitalize and refresh their brand and collateral, they turned to V2Works for a complete brand reassessment.


Ironmaster’s new look needed to be modern and clean while delivering the same emphasis on values and high-quality products that had been their hallmark for over thirty years. Establishing a core library of logo marks, branded colors and graphic elements, we laid the groundwork for a comprehensive suite of engaging marketing materials. Photography was a key element to the job – using our on-site studio, we staged a complete workout with one of the world’s foremost body builders, capturing the dynamic photography needed to propel Ironmaster to the industry-leading level typically occupied exclusively by larger companies.


With their complete brand overhaul, Ironmaster was able to reconnect with their longtime client base, as well as introduce themselves to new markets. In just four short years, they had almost tripled their business.

“Our exercise equipment has been among the best in the industry for 30 years but still suffered some downturn after 2000. We needed a creative design firm that would listen to our ideas to help turn things around and luckily found V2Works. They have helped us to create a more professional image and modern identity. In the last 4 years we have almost tripled our business.”

Matt Dawson, Principal / Marketing Director / Ironmaster