A pioneer in the youth ATV and scooter business, Kasea enjoyed years of industry-leading business, but had since felt it’s connection to their consumers waning. V2Works was brought in to update the brand’s image and increase consumer relativity in the youth ATV and scooter markets by heightening consumer interest and increasing dealer revenue momentum.


We approached Kasea’s brand with a fresh viewpoint of appealing directly to the youth market, creating a fun suite of marketing collateral which positioned the brand at the forefront of the industry, and allowed Kasea to demand increased dealer volume.


Annual sales increased five-fold after their re-brand. Kasea captured the dealer revenue they were seeking, and enjoyed a return to consumer attention nationwide.

“V2Works, in my opinion, is a world class leader in design and media. They have worked with me on a number of different projects over the years and their attention to detail, understanding of the market, the research of the product and industry are second to none.”

National Sales Manager, Kasea