IDEX Health & Science came to V2Works with a need for creative solutions to generate sales leads for their national and global sales force. After reviewing their challenges and goals, one of our creative solutions—that also ties well into a larger marketing goal of brand awareness—was to create a mobile application for iPhone and iPad that could be utilized as both a lead generation tool and as a platform to increase cross-selling opportunities.


LabAssistant was created to target research professionals and lab technicians that are the core end-users of IDEX H&S’s products. Beginning as a chemical compatibility guide for the materials used to manufacture products, it was engineered to be expandable to add more reference materials as needed. The app holds the capability to become a powerful cross-selling resource, with plans to feature promotional banners to cross-sell relevant IDEX H&S products and services in future updates.


The immediate response to the LabAssistant app was a huge success with a two-day response rate of 5.5%, and over 10,000 downloads to date. By providing IDEX H&S with a solid lead generation tool, they have been able to offer customers a convenient utility while providing the brand awareness that they require as a leader in the health & science industry.