DirtFish is a rally school, located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range, that is dedicated to teaching the exciting sport of Rally to anyone who shares an interest. Although they started small and with a passion and desire for everything rally, their format quickly gained wide recognition, evolving them to be the most prestigious rally school in North America. With a much bigger audience, their stakeholders knew they needed to up their game brand-wise, and that’s when Chief Executive Officer, Steve Rimmer, and General Manager, Mac McInnis, came to V2Works for help.

V2Works consulted with Dirtfish’s stakeholders on several positioning concepts to provide recommendations on the strongest direction for a global brand identity. We identified the opportunities and challenges in terms of how to modernize and grow their brand, as well as deepened the essence of how DirtFish connects to their customers and fans. Through extensive creative briefs, we integrated these insights into the development of a revised brand identity that would scale with them as they continue to grow.


In addition to their re-brand, we designed and implemented various brand concepts across the board, including the launch of a new website, print collateral, photography and merchandise design. V2Works also consulted with DirtFish on how to recreate their customer experience from the moment they schedule a class, through attending it and walking back out the door, with touchpoint for every step in between. Since the re-brand, DirtFish business has exploded. Not only have they grown extremely fast, their brand is now recognized worldwide. Read the Case Study