As a Seattle native it’s rare to have such a long streak of crisp cold weather. But it gives the opportunity for some amazing photos!

These views are of the majestic Mt. Si from a delightfully frigid walk around the frozen waters of the Old Mill Pond in Snoqualmie.

An ancient Native American prometheus legend explains that Mt. Si is the dead body of Snoqualm, the moon. In one form of the legend, Snoqualm orders a rope of cedar bark be stretched between the earth and the sky. Fox and Blue Jay travel up the rope and steal the sun from a sleeping Snoqualm. Snoqualm, awakened by the cold absence of the sun, chases Fox and Blue Jay down the cedar rope. However, during this chase, the rope breaks and Snoqualm falls to his death becoming the mountain. Fox escapes with the sun, and sets it free into the sky, giving fire to the people.