Following the “spooky” theme of 2020, the V2Works’ Brandgineers celebrated Halloween in Quarantine. While some of us practiced safe social distancing at the office, some of us are still working remotely due to a range of circumstances. The physical distance didn’t damper the mood in any way… we still dressed up like we usually do, albeit with an added mask, and continued our usual Halloween traditions. Here are the highlights.

7th Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Our 7th Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest transitioned to digital this year, with team members submitting a wide range of artistry. From photos of actual pumpkin carvings, to getting creative in photoshop, to digital paintings of pumpkins, all presentations were amusing. Here are the entries:

Halloween 2020 - Troy's Killer Creative

Halloween 2020 - Michael's carvings

Halloween 2020 - Xengyeng's BTS

Halloween 2020 - Brandee's Painting

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We Like to Play Dress-Up – Even if its Only for Halloween

Whether social-distancing and jumping into a quick photo shoot with masks, or participating via Zoom, our team always likes to have fun playing dress up. Here’s the selection of this year’s costumes:

Halloween 2020 - Costumes

Halloween 2020 - Costumes


House Party — The 2020 Way

Since we couldn’t be together in person, we did the next best thing. Along with Halloween, we celebrated MEHH (month end happy hour), where we grabbed our drink of choice and met up online. V2Works hosted a digital house party were we could connect and play games as a team.  We competed in a digital version of pictionary and shared some laughs. Here’s a screen shot of us in team-selfie-mode:

Halloween 2020 - House Party