The V2Works team closed out the spooky yet great month of October with one of the most fun experiences in MEHH (month-end happy hour) history. We trekked over to the Hollywood Tavern in beautiful Woodinville, where we discovered that they have one of the greatest menus of delectables! We chomped on chile tots, cajun wings, Korean tacos, some tasty fries with dipping sauces, plus sliders and even fried pickles. It was October-feast!

The highlight may have been their trio of “adult” milkshakes: Stumbling Cow, Holy Cow and the Nutty Cow – each made with a healthy dose of whiskey. Yumm!

Being that we’re a group that thrives on creativity, we have a knack for coming up with the most bizarre set of things to talk about. This month was no exception, as we explored the pros and cons and historical value of clamato juice, the many talents of Weiner dogs, and why everyone should have a goat as a pet (not that any of us do but still…)!

It was an unusually nice afternoon for late October though, alas, we did opt to stay inside but the tavern has a really cool outdoor fire pit. We’ll have to hit that up at a future MEHH!

Hollywood-Tavern-MEHH-01 Hollywood-Tavern-MEHH-02 Hollywood-Tavern-MEHH-03