Our annual Employee Massage Day is a fun and relaxing event for all of the V2 team. This year’s Massage Day also happened to fall on MEHH (Month End Happy Hour) — hence the post’s name ‘Mehh-ssage Day.’ Each of us were treated to personalized 45-minute massage sessions in the comfort of our make-shift sanctuary, the conference room. With zen Pandora stations strumming in the background, our talented masseuse, Eme, helped each of us feel relaxed and de-stressed. In a nutshell, the day was absolutely incredible! Now that everyone is a complete noodle, we’re headed out of the office early to celebrate month end at The Collective on Tap in Woodinville. Thanks to V2Works for your continued generosity and making us all feel completely appreciated (and thanks to Megan, for agreeing to model for this photo).  Blissed, out.