2017 is off to a busy start here at V2Works. Our first Month End Happy Hour (MEHH) outing of the new year was just what the team needed to let off some steam. We celebrated our January MEHH, at the Beardslee Public House in Bothell, with jokes and delicious appetizers, including poutine with veal gravy, brussel sprouts, crab artichoke dip, and bavarian pretzels with cheese sauce. Among the craft cocktails and specialty ciders, we discussed crazy ideas for future inventions, tried our luck at spinning pennies on cocktail plates (to no avail), and ooo-ed over our newest team member, Arianna’s, wedding photos.

Our coveted MEHH, at the end of every month, is just what everyone needs to start the next month fresh and revived. If you are ever at the Beardsley Public House, the Crab Artichoke Dip is a must try.

Beardslee-MEHH-01 Beardslee-MEHH-02 Beardslee-MEHH-03