Calls-to-Action are key to driving visitors to your offers. These elements should capture someone’s attention within the structure of a landing page, and if your’e not catching someone’s eye, you may as well have no CTA present at all. Now admittedly that sounds a bit harsh, but it’s true. In today’s modern internet-age, everyone is clamoring for your attention, and it’s critical to your brand’s success that prospects choose your offer over that of your competitors. It’s your job to make this interaction easy, clear and specific. “Now, how do I do that,” you may find yourself asking.

A Couple Things to Keep in Mind when Putting Together Successful CTA’s:

  1. Keep CTA’s above the fold. Don’t bury your CTA in the page. When viewing the landing page, CTA’s should be positioned within the page layout that doesn’t require scrolling down to view. At least half of potential leads are lost to poorly placed CTA’s. If the visitor has to scroll down to see the CTA for the offer, heat map analysis tells us that only fifty percent of potential visitors will see said CTA’s.
  2. Be sure to have two CTA’s on each landing page and make sure they contrast from each other. Two is better than one in this case, and by implementing this simple suggestion you double the potential for impressions. Visually striking CTA’s, when partnered with copy on a page often compels your visitors to click the offer. For example, have a button and also have a link in the body copy that takes the user to the same content.
  3. Keep the CTA clear. A vague CTA will not help your cause. If your offer is a free white paper, then your CTA should say “Download our White Paper on X.”
  4. And lastly, now that you have the CTA on your page – make sure it visually contrasts from the page content and appears to be clickable. Often times, text-links or non-contrasting buttons don’t appear to be clickable. You want your visitors to be able to find your CTA’s easily and get them clicking. Make your CTA’s a contrasting color from the overall color scheme of your page while still fitting in with the overall styling of the design and page.


CTA’s really are vital players in the inbound marketing game and should always be carefully considered. A good rule to remember is that CTA’s should never point to your homepage of your website. Even if your offer pertains to a specific product or content that lives on your homepage, always send visitors to a dedicated landing page to learn more about said product or content offer.

The most useful strategy with creating successful CTA’s is to keep them honest and specific. Keep your CTA’s succinct (ideally, no more than five words) and action oriented. Tell your visitors what the offer is (title and format), and how they’re getting said offer (download, email, etc…). CTA’s, once clicked, lead to a dedicated landing page for the offer. The whole point of the CTA is to send a visitor to your landing page where they can learn more about a specific offer. Every opportunity to use a CTA is an opportunity to convert a visitor into a lead.

Effective CTA’s are just one of the many facets to powerful lead generation. Want to learn more about how to generate leads? Click here to download our 15 Powerful Lead Generation Strategies white paper.