Landing Pages are One of the Most Important Components in Any Lead Generation Strategy

Once an offer and call-to-action have been created and developed, it’s on to the creating the landing page. Upon visiting the landing page, the goal is now to keep visitors there. If the page has too much information or too many elements your true message will be camouflaged. Don’t be fooled into thinking your offer is distraction proof — a cluttered page equals a distracted visitor. Doing something as simple as removing the navigation elements from the landing page is always an effective starting point for eliminating some of the distractions.

It’s easy to think that having more options and content equates to a higher conversion of visitors to leads, right? Wrong. Don’t bury your selling points in fluff and distraction. Instead, focus on presenting content that services the offer and gives the impression of value to visitors.

When putting together the content for landing pages, be decisive and discerning as to whether or not the information presented is absolutely necessary. The trick here is to remember to not bore the audience. Boring content is just as ineffective as too much content. Consider this: is there content present that doesn’t prove beneficial to your offer -or- to potential customers? If so, take the time to pull anything that’s not suitable to the offer.


Something to keep in mind, is that having more landing pages — with more tailored content to specific offers and content — means more visitors and more opportunities for lead conversion. Instead of multiple offers on the same page, set up and launch multiple landing pages that have been carefully cultivated. Marketing bench mark reports have found that consumers are often hesitant to engage with a business until they’ve had the chance to review and consume a selection of published content. Consider this: every landing page created is another opportunity to generate leads. Every piece of content implemented in the form of an offer within a landing page is another opportunity to convert visitors.

There’s little out there that can convert visitors as well as an optimized landing page and the key takeaway is this: A distraction-free landing page leads to higher conversions in the lead-generation process – it’s as easy as that. Keep it clear, keep it concise, clear the clutter, and convert the lead.

Distraction-free landing pages with optimized content are integral components that assist in improving lead generation. Want to learn more about lead generation strategies? Download our white paper to read more on our 15 Powerful Lead Generation Strategies page.