2014 Laboratory & OEM Product Catalogs

For over 20 years, V2Works has been collaborating and designing 200+ page catalogs alongside IDEX Health & Science (formerly Upchurch Scientific) to feature their expertise in fluidic pathway products and applications. In addition to the main catalog, this year we also completed a companion catalog of 40 pages to focus on IDEX’s vision of helping OEMs make better instruments for critical chemical analysis, separations and in vitro diagnostic testing. The partner piece was designed to match the overall look-and-feel of the main catalog, but V2Works featured larger images of their products to enhance important product functionalities.

This project required:

  • Print Design

  • 3D Graphics

  • Custom Illustrations

  • Photography

  • Catalog Organization and Hierarchy

“I think this is the best looking catalog I’ve seen yet.”

John Batts, Technical Specialist