LinkedIn has made some changes to their Showcase Pages this year.

We want our clients to always be in the loop with changing technology, so we wrote this summary of the new features for you.

What are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are subpages of your main company page. They work as a place where you can interact with your target audience and showcase life inside your business such as business lines, products, or initiatives.

New Features

LinkedIn now offers Content Suggestions, a feature that tells the admins what is trending with their followers. Take these insights and share more relevant content on that topic with your followers.

Many of the new changes have to do with jobs. People looking for jobs at specific companies can gain insight into what the current employees are all about — where they studied and what their skills are. Job seekers can also tell a specific company they are interested in working for them.

Along with these changes, LinkedIn also released a Pages Playbook PDF with helpful tips on making sure you get getting the most out of your pages. Download the full PDF playbook.

Tips & Tricks for Successful Pages

Use keywords so they are easy to find via search

Add a LinkedIn Follow button to your website pages that align with your LinkedIn showcase pages

Cross-promote with your main profile and affiliated showcase pages

Use page analytics to understand who is coming to your page and why; use these insights to target more people

Invest in sponsored content

80% of sponsored content comes from mobile, so make sure your webpage is responsive

Add a Custom CTA on each of your pages that encourages followers to view your website

Employees are very useful because they have 10x the connections as their company

Encourage employees to share company posts, increasing visibility

Employers in turn, should share their employee’s posts

74% of prospects choose the company that was FIRST to help them along their buyer’s journey

Share perspectives on industry news and trends

Share helpful product how-to’s and articles that reflect your company’s vision

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