Majestic Safety Glasses Campaign and Packaging

Majestic, a glove and safety clothing company, was releasing a new line of safety glasses and came to us for help. After a major rebrand, they needed not only packaging to match their new brand, but a way to get the word out that they now carried these glasses. We created a landing page and eblast campaign to send out to their current customers to let them know about the new glasses as well as a direct mail flyer to send out to their catalog mailing list. The glasses packaging consisted of three parts — the plastic bag the glasses came in, a box for retailers to sit on their shelf, and an outer branded shipping box. The outer shipping boxes came in two different sizes in four different color combinations. The retail box came in three different sizes and featured a rip-away top for point-of-sale use.

This project required:

  • Creative Concepting

  • Print Design & Layout

  • Brand Development

  • Content Organization

  • Iconography Development

  • Ad Concepting and Design

  • Web Design

  • Front-end Design and CSS Coding

  • Packaging

  • Advertising