Landing Pages are one of the Most Important Elements in the Lead Generation Strategy

A landing page is the gateway to your offer, plain and simple. By directing your visitors to just the one particular offer, you’re freeing them from the distractions of the rest of whatever your website may present. They are there for one purpose, and that is to fill out the form to access your offer, which in turn captures their information and creates a lead generation for sales.

Keys to an effective landing page for generating more leads

The Goal is to Convert Visitors to that Page into Leads

Ideal landing pages have a handful of key elements within the layout that are the tools for converting visitors. Keep your content short, and to the point. With landing pages, often times less is more. Cluttered pages are distracting. Get to the meat and potatoes of things. Have an effective headline, and a subhead to support the headline. Give a brief description of the offer, and indicate how this offer will benefit the consumer. Be explicit about what the offer is — i.e. white paper, coupon, demo, etc. — so your potential customer knows exactly what they are getting and what they can expect to learn.

Now that you’ve told them about the offer, ask the visitor for some contact information. A simple form is all that’s needed — tailor your forms to what’s being offered. Too many fields in the form can be off putting, so less is more in this case as well. Form filled out? Good. Next up is the call-to-action. With any call-to-action, the goal is to be concise, tell them what the offer is, and how it will be delivered. Compare: “Download the Guide” to “Download Your Lead Generation Strategy Guide.” The latter clearly states what the offer is and that it will be delivered via download. Now is not the time for clever — keep it simple, clear, and concise.


The final component on every effective landing page is the providing the opportunity to share the offer via social media. We want to spread the good word — when your offer is shared more, more people visit the landing page, and more people fill out your form and become leads. Advertise your success! The more content, offers, and landing pages you’re creating, the more opportunities you are creating for your business. Bear in mind, most new visitors are often hesitant to interact or engage in person with a sales professional until they’ve had the chance to review and consume at least three to five pieces of a company’s published content. Effective landing pages help bridge that gap and turn hesitancy into confidence.

Landing pages, once implemented, will continue to generate leads. If the content is still relevant, then you will continue to see submissions from new visitors.

Effective landing pages are a vital component in your journey to optimized lead generation. Want to learn all the important facets of lead generation? Click here to download our 15 Powerful Lead Generation Strategies white paper.