As a marketer, you goal is to generate quality leads for your sales team. Inbound Marketing Strategies are designed to attract potential clients, convert them to leads and not only delight them but close the deal. A happy customer is a great thing to have. The key to generating leads lays within a well-planned and successful Inbound Marketing Campaign. From a tactical standpoint, a marketer needs a plan. They need structure to make inbound lead generation happen. In our white paper, “15 Powerful Lead Generation Strategies,” we share with you the four key elements of inbound marketing: the offer, having a clear and concise call-to-action, detail your offer on a dedicated landing page, and on that landing page have an appropriate form to capture each visitor’s information in exchange for the aforementioned offer.

Easy enough, right? So let’s dive into this a little bit…

Get Customers to Say “YES” to Your Offer

Inbound marketing is a great way to do just that. Following our four elements, the first thing needed is the offer. Whether you’re offering a white paper, a coupon, a free demo, or a sales promotion – it is optimal to position the offer in a way that presents it as a high-valued item, that is in high-demand. Give your offer a sense of urgency or scarcity. Make it a limited time offer. This simple approach has been known to trigger a reaction within an audience that makes the offer seem that much more valuable. Now, the next step is to create your call-to-action.

Give Visitors Clear and Easy Access to the Offer and How to Get It

Direct them to a dedicated landing page, which will detail the offer and how they can obtain it. Utilize calls-to-action to give them access to the offer in exchange for just a little bit of info from them. If you’ve positioned your information well, most people won’t mind giving their contact info in exchange for what you’re offering them. People like being part of something, part of a group. Tell them how many have purchased, downloaded, or signed up for the offer. Numbers give people a sense of confidence in the value of your offer.


Once your lead has filled out the form to gain access to the offer — tell them thanks, that you appreciate their engagement. This is accomplished by sending consumers to a thank you page, and the thank you page is an opportunity to increase consumer engagement even further by presenting additional offers and content that are similar to what they’ve just signed up for. Better lead generation is accomplished by knowing your target consumer and being dedicated to producing content that is helpful and relevant. A thoughtful, well-executed Inbound Marketing Strategy reduces the cost-per-lead and allows you to always deliver high-quality prospects to your sales team.

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