What is a Landing Page? 

At its very heart, a landing page is simply a web-page that offers visitors useful information in exchange for their contact information.

A landing page is distinct from your website homepage or a product page for that matter because it has specific conversions in mind. Often-times these landing pages are campaign or offer specific.

A successful landing page will illustrate the value of the resource being offered so the visitor can quickly decide whether or not this content has the kind of information they are looking for. If they believe the information being offered is going to help them, they will provide your company with their information in order to receive the content.


Landing pages are vital for lead generation because they offer mutually beneficial exchanges between an interested party and the marketing representatives of a company.

This exchange of resources is key because it allows you to learn about your visitors problems in order to provide them with helpful solutions. The more information you have, the more capable you will be at providing resources that cater to the kinds of customers who can truly benefit from your knowledge and expertise.

Without providing useful information there is little motivation for visitors to patronize your business. In today’s market, customers search the web using keywords that describe the issues they are having in order to find solutions for themselves. They don’t trust traditional marketing because it’s not uncommon for businesses to inflate their capabilities and experience. Instead of just saying “I’m the best at ______” you need to be able to show customers you are the best, and you do that by sharing your know-how.

Why give customers valuable resources and information for “free”?

  • Allows customers to find out themselves what kinds of help they need
  • Helps you learn who your customers REALLY are
  • Builds a foundation of trust which leads to brand loyalty
  • Establishes you as a knowledgeable resource in your industry

Designed for Results

A landing page is structurally different than any other page on your website.  It cannot be navigated to by someone via your web navigation and it can’t be navigated away from once you enter (unless you use the back button or manually direct your browser elsewhere). This is purposeful, as it limits distraction. You don’t want visitors coming to your landing page, and instead of reading your offer deciding to rummage around the rest of your website. They might forget to return.

The content on a landing page (unlike this article) is short, sweet, and on topic. The content should be tailored to the offer 100%, don’t use this space to promote other offers or content, you’ll have an opportunity to do this later.

Make sure your visitors know at-a-glance what they will receive after submitting their information, how they will receive it, and how it will benefit them.

The format of a landing page is designed to encourage the visitor to complete one specific task: filling out the call-to-action form. By removing distractions and keeping copy concise it keeps the visitor’s decision making process quick and easy.

Qualities of a Landing page

  • Isolated from Navigation
  • Targeted Content
  • Offers Valuable Information to Visitors
  • Gathers Visitor Information


True Customer Insight

Marketers are always trying to gain insight on what kinds of customers interact with and support them regularly so that they can provide targeted solutions for those demographics. Landing pages are capable of streamlining this information gathering process by providing your website visitors with the types of information and materials they value in exchange for their personal information.

If you can successfully pinpoint your customer’s pain-points and provide them information on those hurdles as well as possible solutions you will not only gain their trust but establish yourself as a knowledgeable resource that they can turn to for help.

This was just one of many facets to powerful lead generation. Want to learn more? Click here to download our 15 Powerful Lead Generation white paper.