Seattle, WA, March 7, 2015 — V2Works announces the publication of its new branding book, “Brandgineering by Design™ — A Practical Guide to Achieve Brand Victory.” This debut hardcover marketing book, first published this spring, outlines their proven brand development process, which integrates innovative design and targeted strategy to achieve ‘Brand Victory’ — a self-coined term for successful brands that have cultivated long-term brand perception to secure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Brandgineering by Design, however, takes brand success to the next level by not only customizing an initial brand strategy, but by continually reinforcing a brand’s strategic foundation to respond favorably to a fluctuating marketplace. Brand platforms strategically influence consumer perceptions and brand reinforcement consistently inspires brand loyalty — that is Brand Victory.

Brand Victory is accomplished by cultivating a long-term, positive brand perception, alongside qualified brand experts, who V2Works calls Brandgineers, which continuously reinforces trust and loyalty in a product, service, or company. The distinction between alternative brand methodologies and the Brandgineering by Design Process is the fundamental partnership between strategy and creativity that develops high-value, lasting brands. Readers will learn that a brand is a customizable tool, made up of market-responsive attributes, components and communication materials that work together to target an intentional perception of a product, service or company.

Troy Turner, Creative Director & Principal of V2Works stated, “Brandgineering by Design is very basic in nature, and doesn’t need to be difficult. It is about being smart and having the guts to step outside the box.”

The Brandgineering by Design Process, as outlined in the book, is the result of over 22 years of accumulative branding research, analysis and implementation, in which V2Works has captured their deepest, most meaningful brand experiences, and simplified them into a simple step-by-step process that positions new or existing brand platforms to achieve Brand Victory.

Robert J. Bee, founder of Bee4Brands, LLC, who wrote the foreword of the book, stated,  “V2Works’ Creative Director and Principal, Troy Turner, is the embodiment of a ‘Brandgineer.’ His and his team’s ability to develop a differentiating and engaging brand strategy, and then turn it into unique communication measures with a distinctive message of unmistakable design, is quite remarkable indeed. It’s how you turn a good brand into a great brand. It’s also the only place your company will get ‘Brandgineering by Design.’ ”

Each of the five chapters is designed to help independent marketers and businesses alike build successful brand platforms to achieve greater awareness, influenced perceptions, and increased value. The Brandgineering by Design Process is outlined in full detail, with easy-to-follow steps leading a brand from ambiguity through Brand Victory, and emphasizes the importance of partnering with brand experts to create a secure foundation for any business platform.

For more information about Brandgineering by Design, read excerpts of each chapter on their website at:

About V2Works

V2Works was founded on the idea that client partnership and passion for brand innovation would make the difference in a more effective and efficient agency experience. Today, that idea holds true. Their creative team works directly with the client to streamline the communication process and create great work — on time, on budget, and on strategy.

V2Works’ methods have been used successfully to establish over 140 victorious brands — nationally and internationally. That’s why they claim, with the greatest confidence, that their unique Brandgineering by Design™ Process leads to sustainable brand equity and compelling brand communication. That’s the V2Works promise, and that’s Brandgineering by Design.