A V2Works Cookie Exchange, with Recipes!

Who doesn’t love a good cookie exchange? You make one type of cookie, and magically walk away with an awesome assortment of baked goodies! The annual V2Works Cookie Extravaganza Bonanza was a big hit this year, bringing out the inner baking masters in us all. Sure, there may have been one minor kitchen disaster involving defrosting butter in a hot oven, forgetting about it, and discovering a giant pool of rapidly browning butter pouring from the wrapper onto the oven floor… but that’s beside the point. When all was said and done, we arrived with a beautiful assortment of cookies to taste and trade. Give these recipes a try in your own kitchen, just don’t forget about the butter. Chocolate Cherry Almond Biscotti (via Paprika Red) 1 1/4 sticks of [...]