Standing Out from the Competition

Let’s be honest, competition is everywhere in the world of business. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are over 33,000,000 small businesses in the United States alone. And because of this, companies are constantly competing for visibility by taking advantage of marketing and advertising to get consumer attention. Ensuring your brand is standing out from the competition is essential to not getting lost in the chaos. And it’s easy to get overlooked if you’re not taking additional measures to make your brand impactful. Ask yourself; can your audience tell the difference between you and the competition? What makes you stand out? Over the years we have helped various companies with this same obstacle and discovered the solutions that helped put them back into the spotlight.

Is your company copying its competitors and not making an effort to generate their own original content? While it can be tempting to replicate the style of a successful brand, it ultimately hinders the opportunity to stand out and grow. People do know the difference; your audience will be more engaged with your brand if you find alternatives to be more unique. Doing something different and creating an original style can be powerful to your audience and promote excitement and interaction. Take the time to develop an image that your audience can relate and connect to, it’s worth it. But don’t stress, for over 30 years we have seen brand recharging cost 50% less compared to a complete overhaul. A recharge can bring all the same benefits of a rebrand without the massive spending to get you there.

Having an original look and feel is nice and all, but it’s not the only aspect of your brand’s image and not the only way your audience will interact with your company. Social Media platforms are viable avenues for creating an explosion of attention. The way a company engages with its audience can be extremely beneficial or terribly devastating to their overall image. You don’t want a bunch of robots commenting in an auto-reply fashion. These interactions are an opportunity to express that you’re genuine and sincere to your audience. By sharing authentic stories about your brand’s journey, and values, you can create emotional connections with your customers. Highlighting that your company has a real personality, can do wonders for recharging your brand’s power.

Believe it or not, even having a level of reliability and predictability within your brand can result in positive outcomes. Your audience wants to feel like they have a sense of familiarity, which invites them to stick around. Developing clear brand standards early on is fundamental to constructing growth. Ensure you have a solid team of skilled professionals that can execute your campaigns effectively. You don’t want things to get overly complicated with varying levels of standards, consistency is key.

Ever yell in a crowd of people? Suddenly everyone’s attention is on you, same concept. Having a larger audience of potential customers seeing and interacting with your brand is always important. The most effective way to grow your overall impact is by showcasing yourself on multiple communication platforms. Whether it be through social media, promoted messaging, advertisements, or external publications the objective is to make your brand as visible as possible. Embrace different opportunities and strategies that could innovate your reputation. Don’t let your brand become wasted potential due to a lack of inactivity and self-promotion.

The bottom line is to create overall value for your brand. Utilizing these key factors and recognizing when improvements are necessary will be vital to getting your brand into the spotlight. Throughout the 30 years of us being in business, we have taken multiple companies out of the shadows and recharged their brands back into the limelight. Gain some insight into our collaborations by exploring our case studies and how we’ve brought new life to our client’s brands.

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