Typography on the Web: Information, Tools and Services for the Web Site Owner

Typography is a large subject. Even when you only talk about type on the web, it can still be daunting. So, let’s take a look at what you can do now—with current technologies—on your website. We’ll review some history, look at where we are now and cover some tools and services that can help you and your designer add value to the content of your site by using better type. Of course, well-designed web typography has many benefits. Here are two of the best: Increased readability. (better dissemination of your message!) Better brand consistency. (match your print collateral!) In the Old Days Just recently, it was the Old Days when it came to type on the web. You were limited to a few ‘web-safe‘ typefaces as most users only [...]

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Get Typey with It

Looking for typographic inspiration? We Love Typography is a new one-stop-shop for lettery goodness. Featuring a seemingly never-ending library of all things type – from hand painted script, to super clean sans, to a particularly awesome Willie Nelson bandana – all searchable via keyword or color (oooh). Feast your eyes.

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Beauty and Functionality in Type

Type can get overlooked in design as being the unavoidable workhorse: something that is there to do a job and not look beautiful. But type can and should be beautiful, and an elegant means of conveying information. As with everything else, there are guidelines that should be followed that will make your copy look neat and professional and convey your message with elegance and ease. Here are some tips for making your type look its best:Use a single space after periods.Entering two spaces is a holdback from monospaced typewriter days. Today's word processing programs enter enough space between a period and a first word; doubling that space will make your copy look like it's riddled with small holes.Don't make your lines too many characters long.Robert Bringhurst, author of The Elements [...]

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The Simpler the Brand, the Sweeter the Victory

Don't let your brand fall victim to being too complex. Many companies get caught up in research, spending countless hours in brand meetings without really focusing, making the whole process wasteful.

Brandgineering by Design™ can help. We've taken our deepest, most meaningful brand experiences and simplified them into a simple step-by-step process. Request a free hard copy of our book, or if you're ready to partner with V2Works now, contact us to take your brand from ambiguity to Brand Victory.