Are Calls-to-Action Vital for Lead Generation?

Calls-to-Action are key to driving visitors to your offers. These elements should capture someone’s attention within the structure of a landing page, and if your’e not catching someone’s eye, you may as well have no CTA present at all. Now admittedly that sounds a bit harsh, but it’s true. In today’s modern internet-age, everyone is clamoring for your attention, and it’s critical to your brand’s success that prospects choose your offer over that of your competitors. It’s your job to make this interaction easy, clear and specific. “Now, how do I do that,” you may find yourself asking. A Couple Things to Keep in Mind when Putting Together Successful CTA’s: Keep CTA’s above the fold. Don’t bury your CTA in the page. When viewing the landing page, CTA’s should be [...]

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Why Inbound Marketing is Vital for Lead Generation

As a marketer, you goal is to generate quality leads for your sales team. Inbound Marketing Strategies are designed to attract potential clients, convert them to leads and not only delight them but close the deal. A happy customer is a great thing to have. The key to generating leads lays within a well-planned and successful Inbound Marketing Campaign. From a tactical standpoint, a marketer needs a plan. They need structure to make inbound lead generation happen. In our white paper, “15 Powerful Lead Generation Strategies,” we share with you the four key elements of inbound marketing: the offer, having a clear and concise call-to-action, detail your offer on a dedicated landing page, and on that landing page have an appropriate form to capture each visitor’s information in exchange for [...]

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The Simpler the Brand, the Sweeter the Victory

Don't let your brand fall victim to being too complex. Many companies get caught up in research, spending countless hours in brand meetings without really focusing, making the whole process wasteful.

Brandgineering by Design™ can help. We've taken our deepest, most meaningful brand experiences and simplified them into a simple step-by-step process. Request a free hard copy of our book, or if you're ready to partner with V2Works now, contact us to take your brand from ambiguity to Brand Victory.