DirtFish Brand Revamp

DirtFish is a rally school, located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range, that is dedicated to teaching the exciting sport of Rally to anyone who shares an interest. Although they started small and with a passion and desire for everything rally, their format quickly gained wide recognition, evolving them to be the most prestigious rally school in North America. With a much bigger audience, their stakeholders knew they needed to up their game brand-wise, and that's when Chief Executive Officer, Steve Rimmer, and General Manager, Mac McInnis, came to V2Works for help. V2Works consulted with Dirtfish's stakeholders on several positioning concepts to provide recommendations on the strongest direction for a global brand identity. We identified the opportunities and challenges in terms of how to modernize and grow their brand, [...]

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V2Works Celebrates Another Successful Year with the IDEX Health & Science Marketing Team

V2Works was fortunate to play host to the U.S. marketing team from IDEX Health & Science this week. Their team flew to Seattle from all over the country to spend a full day with our crew, where we met new people and hashed out details of their recent merger. We covered a lot of ground in a short period of time, which left us all feeling satisfied and excited for great things to come. Afterwards, their global marketing leader treated everyone to a delicious dinner at  Russell's Restaurant to celebrate a job well done for everything we've accomplished this year. We'd like to extend an extra-special appreciation and thanks to the IDEX Health & Science marketing team for everything they do to bring out the best in all of us. Here's to another [...]

V2Works Celebrates Another Successful Year with the IDEX Health & Science Marketing Team2020-08-24T21:09:25-07:00

Client DirtFish Wins Gold in Detroit at 2015 Red Bull GRC Lites

Congratulations to our client, DirtFish, and their Motorsports team driver, Tanner Whitten, for bringing home the gold in Detroit at the 2015 Red Bull GRC Lites. Thanks to Whitten's consistent finishes throughout the first half of the season, and an overall points lead after the North Carolina race, the DirtFish team went into the race knowing they had a big orange target on their hatch. Even so, DirtFish proved to they are a force to be reckoned with this season. Keep up the great work.

Client DirtFish Wins Gold in Detroit at 2015 Red Bull GRC Lites2020-07-01T15:43:12-07:00

Case Study: Chronus

Case Chronus offers talent and career development software for enterprise-scale organizations. As one of the fastest growing mentoring and talent development solutions companies, Chronus looked to differentiate their brand by teaming up with brand experts, V2Works. They had a lot of information that needed to be streamlined for potential clients. Strategy Brand strategy focused primarily on how the customer was interacting with Chronus products—development from on a user experience perspective. Along with a redesign of their corporate website, we used the refreshed Chronus brand platform to implement additional creative projects including photography, illustration, and sales campaign collateral. We focused on simplifying customer interfacing from the ground up. Results By involving the core management in creative discovery sessions it was [...]

Case Study: Chronus2020-07-01T16:47:22-07:00

Case Study: DirtFish

Case DirtFish is the most prestigious rally racing school in America set at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. With over 315 acres of gravel, mud and tarmac, DirtFish is one of the most qualified locations in the world to learn or train for rally racing. With a corner on the niche rally industry, the team at DirtFish looked to expand their rally racing empire, laying the groundwork for a global brand development. Strategy We collaborated with the DirtFish team, getting our hands dirty to restructure the brand from the ground up. The discovery process included spending quality time at the facility working with sales personnel, instructors, and even mechanics. Together, the DirtFish team and rally car [...]

Case Study: DirtFish2020-07-01T16:46:14-07:00

Case Study: HISUN

Case HISUN needed to expand their brand relevance and break through to their target market, the United States. Even though they were the sixth largest supplier of UTV’s in the world, they were virtually unknown in the U.S. because most of their product marketing was targeted to OEMs. The HISUN brand needed a competitive strategy to reinvigorate consumer preference across all UTV and ATV markets. Strategy HISUN partnered with us to direct a relevant perception of their product to their target market. We recognized the need to significantly redirect HISUN’s advertising efforts to connect their brand to a lifestyle of fun and recreation. The Brandgineering by Design™ process integrated lifestyle photography, messaging, advertising, and strategy to define a consistent experience [...]

Case Study: HISUN2020-07-01T16:44:47-07:00

Case Study: IDEX Health & Science

Case Because IDEX Health & Science was originally a conglomerate of eight distinct sub-brands, they were viewed as product distributors that offered a variety of industry-leading products. Customers had difficulty identifying which company was behind their preferred products. This lack of overarching brand distinction both under-represented IDEX’s capabilities and caused confusion in the market place. Strategy Through strategic development and application of the Brandgineering by Design™ process, IDEX Health & Science products and services were restructured under one brand platform. Branded collateral was able to inspire a fresh and unified take on IDEX Health & Science as a premier health and science parts supplier. IDEX Health & Science’s refreshed brand platform paired the ‘Fluidics for Life’ brand promise with [...]

Case Study: IDEX Health & Science2020-07-01T16:43:58-07:00

Case Study: Majestic

Case Majestic Glove has established the standard of quality in the safety glove industry. With positive brand perception already built around their commitment to manufacturing quality gloves, Majestic looked to break ground in several additional safety categories—everything from flame resistant clothing to glasses. During the discovery phase, our team identified a window of opportunity to rebrand their company and target future expansion possibilities. Strategy As a long-standing contributor to Majestic Glove creative, we were able to identify a cohesive strategy for their company growth. Majestic has behind it a rich history of quality and production, which made the growing pains of modernization the most challenging aspect of developing their brand. New brand visuals positioned Majestic Glove to reach a [...]

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V2Works Creative Director Spends a Rally Day at DirtFish

Troy Turner, Creative Director/Principal at V2Works, has been spending a lot of time working closely with DirtFish internally as well as on-site at their Rally School. When applying the Brandgineering by Design™ process, V2Works' makes clients a part of the team — becoming an integral part of the development process. In this case, Troy has been at DirtFish getting to know their company's past, present and future goals. A side benefit? Rally Car driving.

V2Works Creative Director Spends a Rally Day at DirtFish2020-10-23T15:30:44-07:00
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