Case Study: IDEX Health & Science

Case Because IDEX Health & Science was originally a conglomerate of eight distinct sub-brands, they were viewed as product distributors that offered a variety of industry-leading products. Customers had difficulty identifying which company was behind their preferred products. This lack of overarching brand distinction both under-represented IDEX’s capabilities and caused confusion in the market place. Strategy Through strategic development and application of the Brandgineering by Design™ process, IDEX Health & Science products and services were restructured under one brand platform. Branded collateral was able to inspire a fresh and unified take on IDEX Health & Science as a premier health and science parts supplier. IDEX Health & Science’s refreshed brand platform paired the ‘Fluidics for Life’ brand promise with [...]

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Case Study: Majestic

Case Majestic Glove has established the standard of quality in the safety glove industry. With positive brand perception already built around their commitment to manufacturing quality gloves, Majestic looked to break ground in several additional safety categories—everything from flame resistant clothing to glasses. During the discovery phase, our team identified a window of opportunity to rebrand their company and target future expansion possibilities. Strategy As a long-standing contributor to Majestic Glove creative, we were able to identify a cohesive strategy for their company growth. Majestic has behind it a rich history of quality and production, which made the growing pains of modernization the most challenging aspect of developing their brand. New brand visuals positioned Majestic Glove to reach a [...]

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Case Study: Kasea Motorsports

Case A pioneer in the youth ATV and scooter business, Kasea enjoyed years of industry-leading business, but had since felt it’s connection to their consumers waning. V2Works was brought in to update the brand’s image and increase consumer relativity in the youth ATV and scooter markets by heightening consumer interest and increasing dealer revenue momentum. Strategy We approached Kasea’s brand with a fresh viewpoint of appealing directly to the youth market, creating a fun suite of marketing collateral which positioned the brand at the forefront of the industry, and allowed Kasea to demand increased dealer volume. Results Annual sales increased five-fold after their re-brand. Kasea captured the dealer revenue they were seeking, and enjoyed a return to consumer attention [...]

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Case Study: Ramm TLC Brand

Case With their proprietary Turning Leg Caddy®, RammTLC had the experience, quality, and innovative technology to be a leader in the mobility device industry, but with a number of ‘copy cat’ companies entering the market, they needed to differentiate themselves from the competition and refresh their relationship with the medical community. Strategy Turning to V2Works to bring their brand experience up to speed, we established a new identity based on their dedication to accessibility and independence. RammTLC implemented a new website, printed materials, trade show collateral and a complete library of new product imagery that established them as a big player in the mobility device arena. Results Since successfully marketing their innovative TLC technology and solidifying their brand, RammTLC has [...]

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Case Study: The Napoleon Company

Case One of Seattle’s original family-owned and operated businesses, The Napoleon Company is a leading importer of gourmet foods in the US. Founded in 1903, the company has a richly storied past, but found their imagery to be lacking the professionalism and visual depth they needed when entering their second century of business. Strategy V2Works approached Napoleon’s photography with the attitude that cooking is art, and treated their subject as such. Using warm colors and organic, artistic staging, we created a comprehensive library of imagery that draws the viewer in and showcases their world-class products. Results Completely redefining the company’s visual impact in the imported foods marketplace, Napoleon’s new imagery was such a hit that they doubled the quantity [...]

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Hamilton Sample Storage. Large-scale storage solutions.

Conveying the Message Hamilton Sample Storage approached V2Works to help them promote a line of storage solutions. These solutions are very large-scale and aren’t the type of solution that can be purchased or installed easily, so Hamilton asked V2Works to help them convey their capabilities for large-scale sample storage. Our approach was to be less literal and more conceptual when conveying the message of large-scale cold storage. This project required: Photo Manipulation Ad Concepting and Design Web Banner Design Interactive

Hamilton Sample Storage. Large-scale storage solutions.2020-07-02T16:34:24-07:00

The BioLevitator. Multi-faceted product launch.

3D Cell Growth Technology Created by the Hamilton Company, the BioLevitator is a revolutionary desktop cell incubation solution. Hamilton and V2Works worked together to create a product launch plan, including the types of materials needed. This project required: Product Photography Print Design Interactive Web Design eBlast Design Web Banners HTML and CSS

The BioLevitator. Multi-faceted product launch.2020-07-02T20:37:40-07:00

Upchurch Medical. The launching of a new company.

Splitting a Brand Upchurch Scientific, a longstanding client of V2Works, made the decision to split their medical component products into a new company. V2Works was asked to brand the new venture and create the materials needed to market it. This project required: Branding Photography Advertising Print Design Web Design

Upchurch Medical. The launching of a new company.2020-07-01T18:14:38-07:00

EVOS™. High response rate on a simply powerful ad.

Innovative Inverted Microscope EVOS is a new type of inverted microscope. Rather than traditional optics, it has a more ergonomic LCD display. V2Works was approached by AMG, the makers of EVOS, for help in creating a brand and marketing materials to promote their new product. The resulting brand and materials created strong selling tools for the EVOS. The first Ad placed contained a call to action and our VCARE Tracking tools were used to show a 24% response rate, and a 68% conversion rate from customers requesting a live demonstration. This project required: Brand Design Print Design Ad Concepts and Design Product Photography Interactive Web Design Video Production [...]

EVOS™. High response rate on a simply powerful ad.2020-07-02T20:32:57-07:00
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