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4th Annual Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest and Halloween Festivities

It was another spook-tacular Halloween here at V2Works. We started the week off with a friendly pumpkin decorating contest. You could tell the artistic juices were flowing with entires ranging from a sugar skull to the “happy chocolate swirl" (poop) emoji. On Halloween morning, laughter ensued as each person walked into work, each costume better than the last. Our Senior Art Director, Brandee, came as Negan from Walking Dead, which was the biggest hit (maybe because of the beard she had drawn on). Our Project Manager, David, came as a vampire and stayed in character all day long giving us a great laugh. As a team, we skipped out early and hit the movie theater to see “Happy Death Day” which turned out to be a pretty good movie, [...]

4th Annual Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest and Halloween Festivities2020-08-26T22:33:49-07:00

Using Social Media to Drive Traffic for B2B

Let’s face it, B2B (business-to-business) companies can seem boring. At least that’s the perception, especially in the social media world. In today’s social media-saturated setting, B2B companies have shied away from social media, afraid of being too boring and not knowing how to use it effectively for their sector. To find an un-boring angle, B2Bs need to get creative, and that’s where V2Works comes in. Using a pinpointed discovery process and coordinated metrics, V2Works can extract the product, service, or selling angle that is both understandable and engaging to a B2B’s audience. We can help B2Bs develop movement across social media by creating and/or extending the company’s identity and shaping their brand voice to expand reach across various networks. By engaging with followers directly related to their niche in [...]

Using Social Media to Drive Traffic for B2B2020-08-26T22:39:48-07:00

McMenamins MEHH

On the last Friday of every month, the V2Works crew gets together for a casual happy hour at one of the local watering holes. The official event name is Month End Happy Hour, or as we winkingly refer to it, MEHH. (We do love a good acronym!) We closed out February this past Friday with a visit to McMenamins Anderson School, specifically their Tavern On The Square. It's an old schoolhouse that's been converted to a very cool hotel and set of restaurants. As the eight of us sat by the fireplace, chomping on pizzas, olives, breads and spreads, and drinking some custom brews and other great things, our conversations ran amuck! For instance.... This place has very high ceilings with crossbeams that prompted Troy to remember being a kid [...]

McMenamins MEHH2020-10-23T15:01:35-07:00

New Year Kickoff at Beardslee Public House for MEHH

2017 is off to a busy start here at V2Works. Our first Month End Happy Hour (MEHH) outing of the new year was just what the team needed to let off some steam. We celebrated our January MEHH, at the Beardslee Public House in Bothell, with jokes and delicious appetizers, including poutine with veal gravy, brussel sprouts, crab artichoke dip, and bavarian pretzels with cheese sauce. Among the craft cocktails and specialty ciders, we discussed crazy ideas for future inventions, tried our luck at spinning pennies on cocktail plates (to no avail), and ooo-ed over our newest team member, Arianna's, wedding photos. Our coveted MEHH, at the end of every month, is just what everyone needs to start the next month fresh and revived. If you are ever at the Beardsley Public House, the Crab [...]

New Year Kickoff at Beardslee Public House for MEHH2020-10-23T15:07:20-07:00

Hollywood Tavern MEHH 2.0

You know that a place is an instant favorite when the V2Works team unanimously decides to revisit our prior MEHH location. We don't normally do that, instead always finding the adventure of new discoveries more exciting. But Hollywood Tavern in Woodinville was far too enticing to not return to ASAP, what with their deliciously tempting appetizers and their unique whisky milkshakes. So off we went for the final MEHH of 2016 as December ended (or more like YEHH - year-end happy hour!). I don't know what it was about this day but we came up with some totally strange topics of conversation throughout the happy hour.  Like what? Well...talking fish, the rebirth of Olympia Beer, extreme snowmobiling, bad dentistry stories - oh yeah - we had it all. And being that [...]

Hollywood Tavern MEHH 2.02020-10-23T15:09:51-07:00

Cold Snap

As a Seattle native it’s rare to have such a long streak of crisp cold weather. But it gives the opportunity for some amazing photos! These views are of the majestic Mt. Si from a delightfully frigid walk around the frozen waters of the Old Mill Pond in Snoqualmie. An ancient Native American prometheus legend explains that Mt. Si is the dead body of Snoqualm, the moon. In one form of the legend, Snoqualm orders a rope of cedar bark be stretched between the earth and the sky. Fox and Blue Jay travel up the rope and steal the sun from a sleeping Snoqualm. Snoqualm, awakened by the cold absence of the sun, chases Fox and Blue Jay down the cedar rope. However, during this chase, the rope breaks and [...]

Cold Snap2020-10-23T15:11:06-07:00

Holiday Party 2016

The full V2Works team celebrated the joy of the holiday season with a lovely catered dinner at the home of Troy and Kathleen! Spouses joined in for the bounty of food and drinks, capped off by an epic battle of pool and ping pong. It was a good time for all as we celebrated the closing of the year in a very festive environment!

Holiday Party 20162020-08-27T22:35:14-07:00

Hollywood Tavern MEHH

The V2Works team closed out the spooky yet great month of October with one of the most fun experiences in MEHH (month-end happy hour) history. We trekked over to the Hollywood Tavern in beautiful Woodinville, where we discovered that they have one of the greatest menus of delectables! We chomped on chile tots, cajun wings, Korean tacos, some tasty fries with dipping sauces, plus sliders and even fried pickles. It was October-feast! The highlight may have been their trio of "adult" milkshakes: Stumbling Cow, Holy Cow and the Nutty Cow - each made with a healthy dose of whiskey. Yumm! Being that we're a group that thrives on creativity, we have a knack for coming up with the most bizarre set of things to talk about. This month was no [...]

Hollywood Tavern MEHH2020-10-23T15:13:02-07:00

3rd Annual Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest

The only rule for our pumpkin decorating contest is that it must include one of the company-supplied mini-pumpkins or gourds. Other than that simple rule, creativity can run amuck! The Brandgineers at V2Works continued to push the boundaries in our 3rd Annual Halloween contest – running the gamut from the spooky to the music-oriented to a set of wheels and to the political (which actually brought us full-circle back to spooky!) No doubt some of us are already pondering how to top ourselves next year!

3rd Annual Office Pumpkin Decorating Contest2020-08-25T15:36:34-07:00
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